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Negative Armor

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Though a negative armor/MR value and a modifier which is not flat, but a percentage, will actually lessen the absolute value (brings it closer to 0) and reduces the effect of whatever Arm/MR reduction you've put on.

Try it with Nidalee's rank 1 trap and one of the neutral creeps. You'll see their MR go from -30 to -24, instead of -36.

Don't know if this is just perceived, or actual, but it's a simple fix in the coding.

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armor reduction
armor % penetration
armor flat penetration

Those that belong to the former include:
Karthus's Wall of Pain
Nasus's Spirit Fire
Corki's Gatling Gun
Rammus' Puncturing Taunt
Black Cleaver
Stark's Fervor

Those that belong to the 2nd:
Last Whisper

Those that belong to the latter:

not a comprehensive list, but yeah

maximum debuff you could provide would be -185 armor but that would require 4 champions + 2 items, heh

lowest armor a champion @ 18 would have is 60 i believe, so you could theoretically provide teammates with a 125% damage increase

Corki is a god **** beastly carry