Forgot all login information (on other account)

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I have an account which may or may not be from beta times (I don't even know, I just know I made around Summertime or something), and I've completely forgotten all login info on it.
All I know is its in-game name is Sublyme (with an L. This is a smurf with a capital i).
Is there any way to recover this account? Can I ask a Riot worker for the info?
I dunno if there's any way to prove that it's really my account, but it's lvl 1 with 0 games under its belt, and the reason it has no games is cuz I can't log on to the account lol.
I don't know the login name, password, or the email, so conventional means of recovering this account are impossible
I've been told by Pendragon that I'm eligible for Corki, but now that the smurf hasn't received it yet, I've realized that the smurf and the original account are different (I thought I had been playing on the old account lol)
Please help! xD

To show that they're different accounts, look up SubLyme and Subiyme with the magnifying glass button. SubLyme has 0 games, while Subiyme has 1 game now. Yeah, I know, I never actually played the accounts, but when I logged in to Subiyme, I thought I had rediscovered my account, when in reality I must have made a new one without remembering it xD