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i use my netbook to play lol every now an then and i haven't seen any decent post about gaining better performance out of these little buggers.

Step 1.
setfsb - http://www13.plala.or.jp/setfsb/

Google is your friend read up on how to use this program. It's fairly strait forward, but the hardest part is finding the motherboard code.haha my eyes always wonder in list of letters and numbers. Try and get a stable 1.9ghz+ i'm at 2008 ghz

Step 2.
Modded Drivers - http://groups.google.com/group/intel9x-gaming/web/drivers-for-9xx

Well i haven't noticed any significant gains in LoL,but i also haven't had any issues with these drivers. I'm currently using 1.1e. o yea GMABOOSTER SUCKS i dont get any gains and u gotta dl a new version once a week, but to each there own this is also a option.

Step 3
Win7 users only 1024x768 resolution

1. Run regedit
2. Push ctrl+f
3. paste this in the find box without quotes "Display1_DownScalingSupported"
4. Click find,wait a moment for it to find the reg entry, then change the value from 0 to 1
5. press f3 and repeat step 4 until it has found every display1_DownScalingSupported reg entry.
6. Restart your netbook and enjoy your new resolutions.

Xp users -

Step 4.
Disable unnecessary services and dont be afraid

Thats the best site on the web use the tweaked setting minimum, and im at 29 processes on win 7 ultimate

Step 5.
Set LoL graphic properties on lowest and turn everything off. (shadows, sounds)

Step 6.
Enjoy 8-10 fps instead of 6-8 BAHAHA and team fights are not as bad like 5-6 instead of 3

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to get better performance dont use a netbook.