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Morgana end game?

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I have come to find myself playing Morgana more and more cause of her utility and just the style of play she can bring to the board. But don't wanna commit with runes and full game play if by the time i get to 30 she is not great for ranked games. Anyone that plays Morgana for ranked let me know how you do and maybe a short rune/build set up. Much appreciated

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Here is the Morgana Guide (http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-morgana-guide) i use when i play her. Shes a solid ranked pick and definetly viable (really most champions are, if youve got the experience to back it and they work in the comp of your team), no where near what she used to be though.

Don't worry about commiting yourself with runes, the standard rune setup for her (shown in the guide) is used on any caster/support so if you later on decide to switch to another similar champion the runes will also work for them.