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Guide: Ryze, God of Thunder

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I have now won 7 normal games in a row with this build, and I don't even have good runes.

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I've been playin ryze for a long time now and while a lot of people advise getting tear-> AA staff, I dont feel like it is the best option. I started playing ryze using it, but moved past it. Sure, the extra mana adds a lot of your Q, and the mana regen helps a little bit, but midgame when people start to run around ganking you want to have more health and survivability.

Depending on team makeup my general item build is:

rush catalyst
merc treads
soulstealer if opponents are a little foolish
if against heavy dps: glacial shroud and RoA
if heavy caster/disable: Banshee's
if game is still goin, get a zhonya's or Rylai's depending on the stitch

Since I don't always get CD redux gettin golem buff is pretty handy, also you won't need any lame mana regen with golem buff

Sometimes if I get a soulstealer my next item will just be a gaurdian angel followed by rolling the opponents and additional AP items if I get the chance.