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Udyr Mid, Good or Bad?

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When ever I am on a team that has a lot of melee I get frustrated because Udyr is so easy to harass without ranged backup. So I go mid. I have 0 trouble with ashe and teemo, but heim and trist might be a different story (though i doubt it). Well, the reason why I am posting this is because I just got wrecked in a game because I was paired with melee and got harassed to the point were buying items was just a fantasy and would not actually happen. Udyr has no nuke, he has no ult, therefore he needs items. For these reasons I would argue he needs items more than any other melee champ. Well how do you get items? Going mid. After getting wrecked once by being paired with melee and just getting into a game with 3 other melee champs there was no way I was going to let a support champ take mid. So I did, everyone one was like WTFBBQ but I was stubborn. End result: I was able to buy my own little blend of Udyr weapons and win the game by killing Nexus in 22:37. Their team had no feeders and they never let up.

So is Udyr going mid a legitimate strategy? Or were the teams unfair (champion wise, both teams had fairly equal playing ability).

This was the line-up:

Udyr (mid)


Master Yi
Ashe (mid)


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Have seen udyr mid 3 times

One time was perfectly viable, and he was putting out great ganks (after ducking into the jungle to grab runes and into a lane to eat some face, then back to mid) and he ended up being an amazing carry that could take out people 1v2 (which was surprising)

Other 2 times...they just got outfarmed, and couldnt stop the opposition....

More or less, for the most part, i'd say no melee should really go mid as it's always domianted by ranged characters =P

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Imo Udyr mid isn't as good, as the solomid dude is ALWAYS ranged - which puts udyr quite at a disadvantage. It's true you can negate most damage with your shield, but still.

I've gone a side sololane with udyr (thanks to a jungler) against Singed and Pantheon. Roflstomped their whole team with Warwicks help.

So, Udyr solo in a lane is fine, but it really depends who you're up against. He has a very strong lane-presence against melees, but caster can easily harass him even under the tower.

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Udyr can be strong farmer, between phoenix and turtle, he's quite difficult to push out, as long as he knows his enemies. He's in a poor position to get fb's though, lacking a ranged poke/nuke (not counting phoenix fire)...personally, I prefer to jungle with him. Just a personal preference, even if it means I need to take rally over flash (exhaust is just too good at locking down people to forgo for flash, since they both have equal cooldowns now (I think both are 210)), I still find myself rolling if I don't get my jungling managed (wards and them taking their buffs at 4 or something).

I think there's a handful of quite viable solomid melee; singed (for his big hp stack and poison's awesome creeping ability), cho (his hp back on minion kill makes for epic lulz. I've gone mid against moderate sivirs, and just dodged their boomerang and killed minions while they wailed on me), udyr (reasons above), possibly pantheon (he has a low mana cost ranged poke/last hit tool, he has some CC, and a nice passive for escape/survival). The reason it's rarely seen though is that in general, the ranged carry is preferable. Your sivir can camp the lane and not steal last hits from people and can visit a lane to knock towers, the tf is a gank machine, karthus is a demon if he can get his lay waste off at the right time, teemo is nigh ungankable after 6, thanks to shrooms (and is very difficult to bully), even ashe can farm up some dps, then proceed to launch the longest stun in the game + a nuke at any lane once a minute. And all these examples give terrific map control, let alone gank potential.