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Corki: The Panzerschreck

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As you all are no doubt aware, corki was recently given away to all players, and this has a resulted in a massive increase of corki players who don't know what there doing. This is a guide/build that I have been using to great success at mid elo. Suggestions and comments are welcome, but I'm increasingly sure this build is as tight as it can get, and stronger than most other DPS or AP builds.

First some explanation of the title. As most of you gamers should know, a panzerschreck is an anti tank weapon used by the german forces in WW2. The build I suggest for corki makes him an excelent tank killer (because he can remove so much armor, and I naturally buy a madreds bloodrazor with him, which does incredibly amounts of damage to high HP tanks).

Why Play Corki:
-You eat tanks for breakfast, and laugh at those who stack armor.
-With proper building he becomes a force multiplier for your other carries, by reducing the enemies armor to ridiculously low levels.
-One of the best 1 on 1 heroes ESPECIALLY early game (more on this later).

So I know 90% of people only read guides for item rune and mastery builds, so I'll put all that "interesting" stuff up front to not waste your time.

21/9/0 or 21/0/9 don't buy the armor penetration (it doesn't stack neatly with your other armor reducing things very well) but everything else is pretty flexible

Honeslty I still don't really know how corki runes should be built. I would recomend stacking critical strike and attack speed, while getting health on the quints, but other wise corki is pretty flexible. If attack damage runes were a bit better I would heartily recommend them, but as it is, a mix is probably better.


Starting:-lifesteal scepter
First base trip: -emblem of valor and zerkers greaves (1400g) If possible also pick up a long sword here and kill golem on the way back to lane.
then pick up in order
-black cleaver
-starks fervor

Now you have everything corki needs to be an absolute beast, and the rest is just putting the icing on the cake. usually I go something along the lines of:

-frozen mallet
-madreds bloodrazor
-banshees veil.

Justification and comments

-the key to this build is the rushed black cleaver. Black cleaver is quite possibly corki's most important item. Every one of your auto attacks drops the enemies armor by 12, every second gatling gun drops the enemies armor by another 5 (at top level). Once fully stacked black cleaver and gatling will remove around 100-110 armor from enemies AND can stack enemies into negative armor. To put this in perspective, once fully stacked a champion without extra armor will be at around -50 armor, and taking 40% bonus damage.
-The starks obviously helps your team with the AS and lifesteal, but also reduces the enemies armor by another 25, basically it just rounds out corki with everything else he could need.
-Frozen mallet gives you extra damage, tons of survivability, and some DESPERATLY needed crowd control.
-Madreds gives you a good mix of stats all of which you need. Damage to scale gatling gun, attack speed to get your cleaver stacks quicker, some extra survivability (armor) AND makes you shred tanks in seconds.

Now the big question: Why no trinity force?
Basically I see nothing hugely wrong with trinity force builds, only that the item costs so much and is a bit to general for my tastes. Also it overlaps with frozen mallet a bit to much for my liking (and frozen mallet is better specialized to corkis needs). I could see it taking the placeo of the banshees veil if your not feeling threatened by enemy spellcasters, but everything else in the build is a "must have" item as soon as possible. The black cleaver and starks fervor amplifies your teams strength in team fights, you need the mallet to survive long enough to stack your black cleaver and gatling gun, and the madred gives you tons of everything you need most and an incredible passive ability.

Summoner Spells:
-ignite and rally, everytime for me. I could POSSIBLY see switching ignite off for teleport if your team hates you and doesn't let you go solomid, or even clairvoyance, but this combination is a huge part of what makes you invincible early game.

Skill build: Phos bomb level 1, 1 point in valk at level 4, max gatling first, phos second, get ult whenever possible.

Section 2: tactics and the boring stuff.

Skill Analysis:

Phosphorous bomb: This is an amazing multipurpose spell. it offers
-a capable nuke
-makes the enemy miss 30% of the time
-reveals stealthed units

All of which are incredibly useful. This is an excellent harrassment spell early levels, but unfortunatly only the damage scales with levels so leveling it doesn't take to much precedence.

Valkyrie: A blink type escape spell leaving a deceptively high dot in its wake. The main problem with this spell is that it just doesn't synergize very well with corki. You are very squishy and it can be somewhat difficult to save yourself with this, and of course flying into the middle of an enemy group as a squishy character is bad. Most of what I use this for is chasing, or initiating a 1v1 fight/gank.

Gatling gun: Potentially one of the most powerful spells in the game. Basically you get

a powerful DOT hitting any enemies in front of you, dealing a quarter of your attack damage each second. Each tick also removes up to 5 armor (starts at 1, and levels with each additional point in gatling) from each opponent it hits (can get up to around 50 or 60 armor in the entire gatling gun I believe).

Seriously just think about that for a second, a (potential) 25% increase in dps that hits every target infront of you AND will take off enough armor to give your team an additional 15-20% increase in damage against every target in front of you (re: there entire team). This makes you win teamfights, it makes you win one on one battles, it is a great farming tool ect ect ect. This spell is just made of win at all points in the game.

Missles: a low cooldown decent damage long range skillshot nuke that makes corki a master of harrassment, and gives him to ability to turtle inside tower range while still last hitting minions.

His passive: increases his damage by 10%, what more do you need to know? (aka it's awesome).

Strategy and tips:

Always get solomid if you can.

Ealy game: Just focus on last hitting, and harrass the enemy with autoattacks whenever possible. Your goal is not to make the enemy scared of you via harrassment, what you WANT is to goad the enemy into trying to take you on 1 on 1. At which point you laugh in there face, slap them silly and claim first blood (hopefully). Make sure to play aggresively, but watch out for characters who can harrass you without actually fighitng you (casters are usually the hardest thing to deal with). Seriously if someone tries to 1 v1 you early levels, slap them with the following

-phos bomb for small nuke and reduce the enemies dps by 30%
-Gatling gun to cut out some of there armor and increase your dps by around 30% (I say 30% because the ticks occur faster than your attack speed and deal 25% of your attack damage).
-Rally if they keep committed to the attack (suddenly your regenerating health and doing 15-20 extra damage per shot which is ALOT at these levels) usually they will die about halway into the rally letting it continue to heal you, and before you know it your back at full health even after the battle.
-Ignite as they turn tail and run to finish off the kill.
-the fact that you naturally do 10% more damage than them.

Because of all these things, you can easily 1 on 1 just about anybody in the game, and end the fight with them dead and you at full health. The only things to watch out for are teemos with exhaust (thats to much blind for you to muscle through, although it will still actually be a close fight) and spell casters (as the spell casters will unfortunatly not stick around and fight you).

Aside from that simply focus on last hitting as much as possible and powering your way to your black cleaver.

Mid game: Post black cleaver you basically just run around, gank, push lanes, jungle, and make sure to be in on any teamfights. Grab the neutral creep buffs when you can (corki can kill them VERY fast). Otherwise just generally help out you team, and play smart like any other character.

Teamfighting (aka the late game): Your basic strategy for any team fight is much like what a katarina would do. Make sure to stay back long enough for most of the enemies CC and nukes to be blown on the other less squishy characters. Once this is accomplioshed, you pop rally, turn on gatling gun, phos bomb into there carries, and cackle madly as you and your team rips your enemies to shreds.


Corki is a quite a strange character, and there are alot of suggestions on how to build him. This is a build I have personally found works, and works WELL (at the mid elo bracket I believe I am in at least). His strongest points are how he aplifies the strenghts of the rest of your team, while still being a devastating high dps carry.