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Manamune/Triforce on Gangplank?

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Gah - I tried tri force on gp and I wasn't impressed. Looking at that chart, I can see why. I built it after everything else. I guess triforce is one of those good early items that sucks late, and I'd rather get on with my late game build and leave early game fights to other champs while I ks with my ult and farm farm farm.

Tri force is weak for parrrley because it doesn't add any of the base parrrley damage again, only your base attack. If you crit it crits for parrrley's base attack too, which is a biiig difference.

The point of getting a Sheen/Triforce is that it adds a fair amount of reliable damage to your Q. Later once you crit reliably the boost is relatively small compared, but if you want to have a stronger early game it's a fantastic choice. No good critting for massive damage if you only have a 20% chance to crit, right?

Triforce also provides some crit, a bit of survivability, and an on-hit snare that are all nice things too.