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Kayle: How to?

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I have recently been looking for a supportish character I can play more often, and Kayle has struck me as an underused, but powerful champion. I am wondering if any skilled Kayle users can link some guides on how to play her effectively. Questions like:

How should she be built?


Solo or duo lane?

Skilling order?

I have heard of high rated players such as Classick using her to great effect in games. I am hoping to emulate this.

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If I may recommend a guide;


It's the highest rated Kayle guide on mobafire,
but don't hesitate to look around for more if this doesn't fit your playing style.

This is an incredibly useful site. I use it everyday.

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I use 5 Magic Pen 4 Armour pen marks, flat mana regen seals, cooldown glyphs.

I go dorans ring > boots/blasting wand > finish boots > finish rageblade > make nashors in whatever order you feel right > make a defence item like banshees or shroud/heart.

Also, that build is outdated and Mobafire is a pretty bad site. A top rated build is not always the best, I've found the 4 votes or less builds to be much better at times.

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YES! great to see another person wanting to learn about my fav champp =]

kayle is mainly a dps, but can also support well.

there's basically 2 ways to build her:
DPS and full support.
DPS is malady, nashors, merc treads, guinsoo's, hextech, madred's
-9/0/21 masteries
-armor/magic pen marks/quints (attack speed works too if u want early game AS), mana regen blues/yellows
-goal is to put out sh*t tons of damage, healing and ulting your fellow carry in the process.
support is morello's tome, ionian boots, tear of the goddess (turn into archangel later), lich bane, rabadon, aegis
-9/0/21 masteries
-flat ap quints/marks, mana regen flyphs/seals
-mainly focused on supporting, with your VERY long range heal, and nuke to slow enemies, and of coruse ult. with 40% cd, your nuke and heal are like 6 seconds, and ult is 36. orgasmic. lich bane is there to make sure you are also dishing out crazy damage; combo is E>attack>Q>attack>heal>attack, etc.

both builds i start out with a meki pendant as she is insanely mana hungry early game, dorans ring if you're feeling a bit more conservative.

the beauty of kayle is that she is very versatile. i use both builds equally, depending on what my team needs.

although i really really really wish that riot would make it so that kayle's ult also gives CC protection. because as of now it's completely overshadowed by other support ults like shen's and zilean's...

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0/15/15 AS red/quint, AP/lvl yellow/blue
Defense tree is SoS, 1 in Harden, 2 in Def Mastery.

Regrowth -> Philo + boots -> Rageblade -> zerker + blue

E > Q > R > W with a point in W at 3 or 4 and R at 6

I tried the more normal builds but I can't lane her without a Philo, I always go oom on heals from harass. Philo+SoS is 160hp every 30s and adding in heals pushes that up to 400hp. Compare to health pots, which are 200hp over 20s. This means you can ignore all return damage from harass so I play extremely aggressively, attack on every reckoning cooldown, and take a lot of minion aggro. The unusual runes+masteries are an adaptation for that.

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Kayle used to be my favorite.

I always went boots + pots, pick axe, staff, rageblade

Attack speed nashoors, magic nashoors

nashoors (now you own)

manamune and IE are two other good items.

I have tried leveling E and Q first. I prefer E, followed by Q.

21/0/9 masteries

I have had some ausome games with kayle where I JUST DONT DIE!

ghost + flash + W + R = Me escaping from 5 man gank!

Stay in the back of the fight. Trynademere + Kayle are ausome duo after lvl 11.

With high CDR her R can be cast A LOT!

She can solo, but usually an ashe, trist, mf, vlad is better Solo

Use W for speed boost. The heal tends to suck.