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Damage or Attack Speed?

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Think of attack damage and attack speed like AP and mana- it is hard to have one without the other (some exceptions aside)

A combination of the two is ideal.

As far as to negate the squishiness- phage is good for a little more survivability and lifesteal is good if you're not too shy to get in there and do some damage. You gotta attack to keep your hp up.

Also, if you want to spend more money, Banshee Veil and Guardian Angel are two items, that fit DPS very well. Veil gives you HP and MR, which helps a ton against casters, while blocking one spell, which helps a lat against champs that have onle 1-2 active skills. (For example Sion. He can't stun + shield-burst you with a Veil). Sucks when they have lots of AOE though, as it's easily disabled then.

Guardian Angel gives you lots of Armor and MR, which helps against both phys dps and casters PLUS it gives you an extra-life.
Helps in teamfights where you're likely to be focused, sucks when you're getting ganked alone, as it has a 5min cd.

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A good basic all purpose build is to get a Dorans Sword + hp pot. Blue pill when you can get another Doran's Sword + basic boots + pot + ward.

Then blue pill again when you can get a third Doran's Sword and berserker boots.

Then get a Zeal for movement/attack speed and a bloodthirster/infinity edge/black cleaver for damage.

Gives you an all purpose decent all around hero.