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Amumu Runes

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To my comrades in arms,
I have been playing LOL for about 2 months now. I started at a lan party and enjoy it. I played dota for about 6 years previous and was surprised and how easy it was for me to give that up cold turky and start playing LOL. Kudos to the designers and everyone who worked on the game.
As the thread is titled my question relates to what runes to get with Amumu. I am defensive tree first and so I get dodge runes (yellow) to give me a possible boost in speed. I dont think I will ever change those. My question is mainly about blue runes but also to get feedback about my red runes.
For red runes I got crit chance because I started playing as a melee dpser. I didnt like being a tank without backup but now I cant give it up, regardless. Since my transition I have started stacking base damage runes. My reasoning for this is to farm easier earlier game, the part of the game hardest I feel for any amumu. These allow me to get last hits more often, etc. Because they are the primary rune I am not losing anything for that color but should I change them, esp when I get enough IP that buying runes is not a problem. I'm sitting on about 7k atm.
For blue runes I have been getting glyphs of shielding, the magic resistance that grows with level. I feel that about level 10 is when I start becoming viable and I can make a difference in the game and so its worth more to me to wait for higher resist late game. Should I get magic penetration?
For my item build I stack sunfire cloaks. Combined with despair I feel like the other team is required to hit me down as the tank or my aoe will rape them. Because of this I have chosen magic resist because I dont get items with it on them generally. However if I do face a heavy caster team I may get a force of nature for resist, hp regen and speed.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated or even a link to a similar question.