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Guide: Janna, a hybrid experiment

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Let me say first that I am NOT a master with Janna or any other champion for that matter. I only recently started playing her and I've tinkered around with every hero, being proficient with all of them but having mastered none. I played around with her prior to my new build mostly focusing on getting lots of AP but not having much success. yet with this new build I've come up with I won my last 4 games with her in a row with 13/4/24 total (nothing amazing compared to high ranking guys but pretty good since I’ve not been playing her long.) Also, you’ll notice that this is actually not that many kills/assists per game and that is because much of the time I was pushing towers while everyone else was fighting in other lanes but I’ll get down to tactics later on. This is my first attempt at a guide so if it’s not crystal clear my apologies.

I started off with trying out Reziel’s DPS Janna build and liked it. I agree with him that Janna does not benefit very well from AP as her spells have such long cooldowns. And eye of the storm shield even with huge amounts of AP will only get maybe 200 more hp which is nothing at level 18. Giving her extra attack speed and crit allow her to do much more damage than what her spells would do with more AP. however i noticed a few flaws with Reziel's guide, mainly lack of mana regen or cooldowns. Janna's spells dont do much damage but they are very powerful for their croud control effects. They should be used as often as possible so I went about making my own build that focuses on cooldowns, attack speed and crit. Maybe I’ve just been lucky in my last few games but I’ll pass on the knowledge I picked up so use it however you want.

Masteries/Runes/Summoner spells: Sorry but I don’t have any amazing advice to put out here. I use 9/0/21 to maximize cooldowns, mana regen, and movement speed. Those are much more important to me than a little extra DPS in the offense tree. This works for me, use whatever you want.

Marks: All greater mark of malice
Seals: health/18 and mana regen/18
Glyphs: Cooldowns/18
Quints: 2X Greater fortitude + Greater Malice

Reasoning: The way I use Janna she is constantly popping off spells as soon as they come off their cooldowns, and with maxed out CDR she is VERY mana intensive (I have to be careful early game) so my runes and masteries concentrate mainly on mana regen and cooldowns with the exception of marks, which, when combined with the 2% from masteries give me about 13-14% crit starting off. The HP runes are for a little boost to her survivability as that is all the extra HP she'll be getting for the whole game.

Summoner Spells:
Ignite (WITHOUT the mastery)
Reasoning: Ignite is perfect for finishing up ganks or runners, the 10AP the mastery gives means very little to Janna as she is not a spell spammer. But the heal reduction is excellent at helping to take down healers as well.
Ghost seems like a stupid spell to use on Janna who is already speedy enough and can go through minions with her zephyr but I use it as a multipurpose tool. It’s cooldown (especially with presence of the master) is very short and when added onto her already impressive speed she can get to anywhere on the map in a very short amount of time so it’s a good alternate to teleport, plus it makes escaping with her a breeze, no one will catch a ghosted Janna even with some slows put on her.

Again, these are just what I use, adjust them however you want.

Ok, nothing big
1. eye of the storm
2. howling gale
3. zephyr
4. eye of the storm
5. eye of the storm
6. monsoon
After that max out eye of the storm first, zephyr second, then howling gale and monsoon equally (depending on preference).
Reasoning: Eye of the storm is awesome in any situation, shields you or a team mate and just as importantly it gives a good damage boost. A turret saver as well, no reason not to max. Zephyr gives the speed boost and is a great way to harass/chase/finish off enemy champions. Gale barely does any damage, its most important effect is its knockup and I hardly ever charge it to max, most times I double tap it so it goes off instantly. 1 rank is inexpensive and perfect for crowd control. Monsoon is the same, I get it only for the knockback, the heal is ok but situational, most times the knockback is much more of a teamsaver than the heal itself.

Mekai Pendant + 2 health potions
Upgrade to chalice
Berserker boots
Fiendish codex + upgrade to nashor’s tooth

From here you can either upgrade zeal to phantom dancer or get more damage with infinity edge (black cleaver works too). This gives you 5 items (when you include infinity edge or BC) the last one is up to you depending on circumstances.

Reasoning: As stated earlier Janna is VERY mana intensive and chalice is the best way to get back mana, lets her start firing off her spells more often. Berserker boots are to take advantage of the extra damage you get from eye of the storm, lets you last hits creeps more often and put some more hurt on enemies. Stinger gives you additional attack speed + mana regen + cooldowns, everything Janna likes. Zeal gives even more attack speed + crit + movement speed.

After these core items Janna is attacking very fast, has a crit of around 26% and with zephyr + boots + masteries + zeal she is clocking super sonic speeds in or out of combat.

Nashor’s tooth maximizes your cooldowns (9% from masteries + 8.1% from runes at lvl18 + 25% nashor’s tooth will let your hit 40% around level 14-15 without golum buffs)
The mana regen + chalice ensure you’ll never run out of mana no matter how many spells you fire off. The attack speed and AP are just bonuses.

Phantom dancer will gives you even MORE attack speed, crit and movement speed and infinity edge will allow you to take advantage of all that attack speed and crit you’ve been building up to allow you to devastate anything you’re targeting. The reason I don’t take damage prior to this is because eye of the storm gives you 48 damage by itself and with cooldowns maxed you can have it up on yourself constantly (which it should be).

Early game:
Last hits and harassing. Focus mainly on using eye of the storm to get last hits on minions and to occasionally harass enemy heroes (especially those that are sqishy/and or can’t heal themselves very well). The shield helps protect your from their return harassing or any minion attacks. I often end up not using my health pots at all thanks to shield.
Use gale to help stop creeps getting too close to your tower and zephyr is good for potential ganks and more harassing. It can also be used for last hits if you have enough mana regen. Gale is also very effective at harassing heroes who try and get last hits on minions, especially around their towers, nothing is as frustrating to an enemy who is trying to get gold by killing creeps attacking his tower than being knocked away from them every 8-10 seconds.

Mid Game:
You should have chalice, berserker boots and at least stinger by now which means mana is not much of an issue. If the game has already gotten down into team fights then help your team mates out, if not then push and push hard. With constant gales and last hitting with eye of the storm and zephyr you can clear creeps out in no time and eye of the storm + your good attack speed from items lets you wear down towers very quickly. With your movement speeds its often possible to take advantage of a pause in a fight to quickly take down a tower and then join up with your team for a push, this will also help divide the enemy team as some of them will often run over to help the tower that’s in trouble while you’re already running back to your team.

Team fights: Fire off gale whenever its available, especially at runners or champions trying to use a powerful charged ult (fiddle/nunu/etc). Also use it to save team mates who are in trouble, if one is being ganged up on gale the enemies who are after them and stick a shield on them. If your whole team is in retreat gale will help stop enemy pursuit and if things are really bad blow monsoon to give your team breathing room.

Late Game:
my games are usually short but If it does come down to late game you now have some very powerful tools. Being able to keep the enemy team off balance with gale, zephyr and monsoon allows you to deal out significant damage as eye of the storm + infinity edge + the attack speed from boots, nashor’s tooth and phantom dancer and over 50% crit chance let you provide a lot of extra hurt. NOTE: Even though your damage may be good remember your most powerful tools are your spells. Effectively disabling the enemy team stops them from hurting your and gives your team more times to take them down.

Survivability: This is probably what I love most about Janna, You’ll notice my build includes no health items or health generation. Her only boosts to health are from runes, yet I’ve only died once to gank attempts and the other three times were in a dedicated team battle where the other team focused on me.
The best way to avoid being ganked is to not be there when the enemy is trying to jump you. Hopefully your team mates will warn you if the enemy is heading your way and with janna’s speed it’s easy to get away. Even if you do get jumped it’s very easy to get away. Monsoon is a very effective Oh Sh!t button but usually I only need 1 gale blast to give me enough running room. The only way a gank can easily take down Janna is if they stunlock you and burn you down before you even get to make a move (not usually possible unless its multiples enemies or an incredibly fed hero like twitch).

The main key with Janna is to constantly be on the move, appear in one area, harass some enemies who are trying to take out a tower then move to another lane and push one of their towers. In team fights don’t get near enemies, keep them at an arm’s length with gale and zephyr while using shield to keep yourself and your team mates safe.

Again I’m no master with Janna but she is quite fun and I like my cooldown/attack speed build over pure AP or pure dps builds.

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If I decide to play DPS Janna this is very similar to how I'd spec. +1. Here are some of the differences, though:
-I buy Mercury's Treads instead because I know that I'm not a physical carry. This will promise no deaths and will give more to my team than a chunk of attack speed. In all honesty it let's me be a bit more aggressive, too, because you can stick around longer knowing that you'll escape.
-Instead of Ghost I go with Improved Clairvoyance. You know how an almost dead champion will run into the bushes and escape because you've lost sight of him? It used to happen to me twice a game in my lane. With Clairvoyance, you can pop it every 55 seconds and destroy the enemy. If you happen to be on a decent premade you won't need the transportation ghost offers because of great communication and planning.
-As soon as I get my Stinger I normally go after a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Thought Janna was good at chasing? Now she can slow people with her gale, which when you're already faster than your enemy, is more important than a Zeal making you even more fast.

Just my thoughts. You're definitely understanding how she works, though. What's your Win/Loss ratio, if you don't mind me asking?

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total: 198 wins, 175 loss, I would say in at least 2/3 of the games i play in i actually don't really affect the outcome much. I'm either on a team that is completely kick ass and would win even if i sat in base all day, or i'm on a team that just can't figure out how to work together and get creamed.

as far as janna, many of the games i played with her are too far back in my game history, so i don't know my win loss ratio from back then. i just recently got back into her. spent 2 games tinkering with different builds (won one, lost the other horribly), and won the 4 games i played after completing this current one. going to try adding rylai's if i can, although i have not had too many issues chasing just yet. but then again i don't actively go hunting for enemies, i mostly just push towers unless it's a team fight.