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Gangplank criticism.

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I knew a pirate would be included in league of legends. One thing I feared the most happened when it was implemented.

It seems the art design of the pirate was inspired by black beard.

Example here: http://thebsreport.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/blackbeard_uy1q.jpg

Or just google black beard name. Pictures that are found are pretty much the concept design for the gangplank. I hope that when custom skins become available they will be far more creative.

My dislike of the current gangplank stems from fact that his exact design has been used so often through the media as stereo typical pirate.

I kind of wanted a female pirate inspried design like Anne Bonney. Or even a completely none human species like Jax.

Parrrlay is a good skill for the concept of a pirate. As he allows the player a more sword and gun style. My suggestion for this ability would be allow this ability to benefit from AP. Allowing a more shooting based pirate.

Remove scurvey is easy most random and questionable skill on any character I've seen. It heals and acts like cleanse. To me at least it seems very out of place that given his skill set he was given a random heal in there. It doesn't flow with his theme very well. Please remove the scurvey icon in game on the buff/debuff list.

Raise Moral is not as odd as scurvey but not as weird. Shooting your allies to make nearby champions fight faster seems rather back wards. Appears to be mostly inspired by war hammer 40k dawn of war commisioner ability for imperial guard. Which pretty much does the exact same thing.

Concept of cannon barrage annoys me to no end. I would of hopped that his ultimate would originate from Gangplank him self rather then signalling his ship. Use of the ultimate is questional any good LoL player will easily dodge it. As focus of cannons is towards middle there is a one second delay before the cannons rain down. Meaning any one should easily be able to run to outter circle to minimize damage then run away.

Most times I've only killed people with this ability due to their lack of skill, meaning they ran into it. Or I distracted them long enough with my self as bait for them to get pounded on.

Passive ability (for some reason champion roster doesn't include passive info so i dont got exact name) is nice DPS. As people often don't realize that when I combine it with the sword that generates DPS (name also escapes me) it creates a nice killing combo. It also gives gangplank a dirty fighter type of feel.

My suggestions for this champions skills. First I would start by suggesting changing Raise Moral to a a flag ability. Removing need to execute a minion instead gang plank can lay flags across the map. While fragile and easy to kill they could also be dual used as early scouts. Much like teemo mushrooms.

Second I would suggest giving this champion a pet like a monkey (a easter egg for pirates of the carribean if its called Jack) or a parot (could make it a option). This pet would act in a similar function to lone druids except have its items slot limited to two or three. It must stay in range of gang plank at all times. Aside from attacking those near him it could have its own abilities.

First pet ability could be slight of hand. Where the pet gains the ability to steal one gold per your level from a enemy champion. It could be balanced out by requiring at least three levels in your pet.

Second pet ability could be a cleanse like effect. While similar to current cure scurvey it would lack the random heal. Have a source that makes sense. As a parot biting him or a monkey slapping him is far more funny then him raising his hand in the air.

Abilities could have their own hot keys my suggestion for them would be d and f. Pets ability to attack a anemey with damage might even be based on HP.

Ultimate I would suggest would be to allow Gangplank to douse a area in rum. This rum would cause a slight movement debuff to enemy champions and a significant debuff on their chance to hit with spells and attacks. Enemies doused in rum that are hit by parlay would ignite in fire.

Now he has synergy that not only makes shooting multiple champions with Parlay fun but practical. As you scramble to set them all on fire during a fight.

Giving him a peg leg or eye patch would open the realm of mystical hidden weapons. For a wooden leg you could give him a hidden built in rocket launcher. Or for a eye some weird rune is lodged in his eye that allows him to shoot death rays from his eye. While it might act like cannon barrage imagine how cool a pirate shooting magical disintergration rays from his missing eye is by comparison.

Thanks for reading that is most of my suggestions on this new champion. Yes I do like pirates which is why I hope we can get a cool one in game.

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"Parrrlay is a good skill for the concept of a pirate. As he allows the player a more sword and gun style. My suggestion for this ability would be allow this ability to benefit from AP. Allowing a more shooting based pirate."

Parrrlay does more damage based on attack...as it says on the skill. So instead of it being based on AP it is based on attack that increased its damage. How this works from attack making it do more magic damage is beyond me but it works well and I enjoy it, As for his ultimate I personally like it but I do not think the other team should be able to see where the cannons will fall until its to late. At the moment all they hear is a laugh then see the spot and most of the time can run out of it if not stun or slowed before hand. Also make the cannons do more damage.

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The pirate is pretty much my favorite champion at the moment. I don't know why you complain about the generic design and then ask for a peg-leg or eye patch XD. Pictures we found earlier had him without a beard, but the current model is fine with me.

The way Parrrley is worded, it seems like Riot is planning on adding more skills like it, which would be interesting. Physical champions having abilities that scale with damage has been suggested before, and I think implementing this with only specific abilities is a good route.

Between tonight and last night I've used his ult to kill or assist close to 30 times I'd say, and it can 'reset' a large creep knot on a lane without even having to move there. Yes, good players will be able to 'dodge' it, but just as often even good players will test their luck running through it to get that last hit, or will wait just a little too long to run and end up having their quickest route of escape become an explosive warzone, etc. Not to mention, the ult's synergy with Nunu or other aoe spells is great. Even if it causes little damage it has a decent chance to slow every enemy in it.

Why is the heal 'random'? Because it's not on a healer champion? I don't understand exactly. It is a good skill--is it 'random' because it just throws a bonus on top of an already okay skill?

Anyways, he's one of my favorite champions to play, and maybe I'm just biased against pet-using characters in games, but I like Gangplank the way he is. Raise Morale is a little bland sometimes--I haven't been in many games in which I think it would be clutch--pretty much use it if one of my allies is on the run, but that's it.

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Pretty much every reason you dislike Gangplank is a reason I like him. I love that he's a stereotypical pirate. I love that his speech sounds like your average joe on Talk Like a Pirate Day saying the first pirate-y things that come to mind. When I play him I'm repeating him on Ventrilo and going "Yarr! Avast!" when I kill people. I also love the Scurvey debuff, it made me laugh when I noticed it. Cure Scurvey itself is a useful skill, removing CC and allowing you to chase down fleeing opponents or run from ganks (at which point the heal is extremely useful). Not to mention that the sillyness of consuming a bunch of oranges on screen with a crazy eating noise is really appealing.

Making him a pet class would be odd. What pirates use monkeys to fight, as opposed to sword and pistol? Your ultimate is a neat idea honestly, the fire part specifically. The current cannon fire one, once tweaked, is really awesome though.

In short, Gangplank is my favorite hero. I'm a pirate nut and if he's morphed into some monkey-training dork that can't consume oranges to cure his poor tooth hygiene, I'll be very upset

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You are a idiot.
Idc if this post is old or w/e nothing you said about plank changed so imma tell you why you are a idiot.

First of all you want a pirate to look like a pirate.Blackbeard is a great pirate stereotype so why not? Everyone likes a pirate like that.
Female pirates are a joke,women can't adapt to that life and if they do they fail at it anyway.How do you expect a woman to pillage a village,kill the men and rape their wives?At least Riot realized that after they screwed with Evelynn and Katarina...female master assassins?Don't make me laugh.And no I'm not sexist.

Parrrley is good as it is.Gives plank a ranged attack without making him a mage and keeping his melee style.

Remove scurvy is perfect as it is.Pirates have scurvy and removing it would mean a great morale/strength boost.Enough to heal and make you get out of any bonds.If you were a real human with logic and not a animal that can talk you would have realized it.

Raise morale is perfect.Ever heard of mutinies?The captain kills the rebel and raises his and his crew's morale.Gives him a aura of power.L2piratenub.

Cannon barrage - no comment.What is a pirate without his ship?If you can't use this skill play with Teemo or something since you like him so much.Fits your girly style.

Your suggestions:Idiotic.

You want flags to raise morale.What next,you want him to shout when he plants them "One small step for Gangplank,one huge step for my team!"?
You want pets:Monkeys and parrots.You want peglegs that are actually rocket launchers or a planet cracker ray-eye that shoops da whoop.Go back to Cartoon Network and watch Mad Jack the Pirate and when you finish kindergarten start playing LoL.

And for your ulti suggestion...where the %^& do you want him to keep all that rum?Maybe in his eye patch!Or his peg leg!After all it could be ******ed enough to work in your mind.
And since when does rum ignite if you hit it with a metal ball?Since that's what happens if you shoot it with a ancient gun like gangplank's.L2physicsnub.


Thanks for reading that is most of my opinion on this guy and his ideas.Yes I do think he is a dumbass which is why I lost all my hope in humanity.


Troll warning!