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ELO Hell is a Real Place, and I'm Trapped There.

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[QUOTE=Just think, what is the constant factor in all of your games?[/QUOTE]

I too feel i was in ELO hell; I have been playing LoL since beta. I greatly enjoy playing this game. Some of my more enjoyable games have been loses. But, i enjoyed it because it was well played on both sides.

But, when I noticed I was in ELO hell the 1st thing i did was question my own play style. When I have a partner in solo que ranked games we will win 3 out of 5 times, which to me is not that bad. But, when I'm all by myself in the solo que I lose every other game.

Then I thought more about my team work with my old partner and we had a solid lane comp and if we could not lane together we watched each other’s lanes like hawks.

I find the reason i lose games now, ever other one, is because either I drop the ball with keeping up communication with my team or we have 1 or more people not doing so.

I think it is perfectly possible to tell scrubs how to win, but we just need the scrubs to listen.

I got very lucky and had people that had been playing beta since day one teach me how to play. So my scrub phase did not last as long as it would have without their help. But, every scrub can look good in a team that plays with one another at least somewhat well.

If scrubs listened and if the people who are good on your team help the scrubs with basic map awareness (i mean telling them to get to a tower or come gank bot etc... all through the game) you will have more competitive games and more enjoyable games. You may still lose but will have more fun at least..

P.S. sorry if thoughts seem random i have been waiting for since a month after the ranked games open to make a post.