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[Help] AP or AD Nidalee

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Both can work fine, you just need to figure out what suits you better.

With AP Nid, key points are Rylai's for slow, Lich Bane for physical burst that fits in well with your pounce chasing, and Frozen Heart for CDR and survivability. Javelin from long range is a beast, and your heals are effective for more than just the attack speed. Your damage is very bursty, but until Lich Bane is finished you don't have as much sustained as a physical build.

With AD Nid, you have more dps in between cougar combos, can still get an occasional slow from Trinity Force, and usually grab some lifesteal. Your javelin and the heal part of surge spells will be significantly weaker the longer the game goes, and you need to have enough items to offset this.

Some people mix and match, items like Guinso's Rageblade, Trinity Force etc. support this well. Since the majority of your burst A) comes from your ultimate and B) has relatively low scaling, it doesn't matter as much which route you take, the general playstyle is similar.

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I haven't seen a successful AP Nidalee at the higher ELOs at all. Hell, I barely see Nidalee at all anymore. It's all about stuns and crazy uninterruptible aoe at the top tier. The good Nidalees I used to see were all AD Nids though. Simply because AP Nidalee is less useful in team fights than AD Nidalee.
go watch hotshotgg, top-elo player http://www.livestream.com/messiahwins/video?clipId=pla_fa29bb06-6ad2-43f7-80f9-da76c1a041c4 (actually he does both builds but just wanted to show u that ap can be done) darkling, if u want to see how the pros play nida, watch him (use messiah's stream)

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I agree with Rhatha on this one. You really can do well with either build. Nida has been my main since the day she came out, and i've tested MANY different builds to find one suitable to my playstyle. I'm not saying i'm a super-badass, but i do okay. I usually go AP with a little bit of AD stuff in there to mix it up a bit, but iwth a focus more on AP, since i've gotten pretty good with the javelin to maximize it's damage and all. I have magic pen runes in reds, blues and quints and dodge in my yellows. My item build typically consists of:

Blue Crystal + 2 HP pots
Boots of Mobi (if i'm mid it gives me greater map control in addition to the lvls above others i have) OR, if i'm not doing too well mid i go Merc Treads or Ninja Tabi.
Soul Stealer (if i'm doing well)
Guinsinos Rageblade
Lichbane/Abyssal Scpeter/Void Staff (depending on the situation)

Rageblade definately rocks on her, making her abilites hit harder and her heal, heal more. If you're respawning, just pounce your way to the front lines and you've almost or are close to having your 8 stacks and ready to rock 'n' roll. Brutalizer helps with CDR. Abyssal or void staff make your javelin and a huge ******* to anyone in range of getting a spear thrown in their face. Lichbane is also a great way to increase damage overall.

I also always get Clarity and Flash, or Ignite if i'm feeling cocky.

This is just my build and what i'm most comfortable with playing. I think a lot of it IS finding what suits your playstyle best.

I like playing nida because i like constantly swapping in and out of 'tiger mode' depending on the situation at hand. She's a SUPER versatile champion with many different ways to trap/lure/kill if you explore with her a little bit. If you chain/combo her abilities and summoner spells correctly, you can totally destroy nearly any champ in the game with a fair amount of ease.