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The LoL Dictionary

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I'm not quite sure if another thread like this exists, and I thought "why not make one."
This isn't complete. Which means it will be updated. Feel free to post below for other terms/abbreviations.
I realize that some of these are No-Brainers, but some new people may wish to know.

Articuno- Anivia

Bird- Anivia

Bowser- Rammus

Bug- Cho'Gath

Card Master- Twisted Fate

Cho- Cho'Gath

Cow- Alistar

Cryophoenix- Anivia

Egg- Anivia

Eve- Evelynn

Fiddle- FiddleSticks

Gp- Gangplank

Gypsy- Twisted Fate

HomoDinger- Heimerdinger

Judicator- Kayle

Kass- Kassadin

Kat- Katarina

Kid- Teemo/Annie

Kitty- Nidalee

Lich- Karthus

Midget- Poppy

Rat- Twitch, rarely Nasus

Minotaur- Alistar

Pirate- Gangplank

Sparta- Pantheon

TF- Twisted Fate

Trist- Tristana

Tryn- Tryndamere

Wolf- Warwick

Yeti- Nunu

Yi- Master Yi

AFK- Away From Keyboard: meaning that they're not playing.

AllChat- Usually people used for people to make fun, or rage.

AoE- Area of Effect: A skill that can attack multiple enemies, instead of just one.

AP- Ability Power: Boosts the power of your skills.

Asadkjalwjladjwlkjaw3$#9*wlj- Spasm, usually when there's a noob in a team.

B- see Back

Back (1)- Literally, as the word says, "GO BACK"
(2)- Back to base

Baron- The Baron Nashor

Baron Buff- The buff you gain by killing Baron

Blue Buff- see Golem Buff

Blue Pill- Go back to base to heal

Bot (1)- Bottom
(2)- A non player controlled champion unit used in practice matches

BRB- Be Right Back (1): Blue Pilling to heal or buy an item at base
(2): afking.
Brush- Sometimes referred as "bush," the tall grass area where enemy units cannot see you.

Champion- The unit that you control.

Cloaked- Enemy champions becoming invisible, units such as Twitch or Evelynn

Creeps- Minions.

D- Defend/Defense: Usually defend the base.

DC- Disconnect

DD- Don't Die: I mean it.

Dmg- Damage.

DotA- Defense of the Ancients, a popular WarCraft III Mod.

DPS- Damage per second, refers to champions that have high attack speed. Usually fighter/ranged champions.

Dragon- The neutral monster that looks like a dragon.

Exp- Experience Points (1)- Experience points used to level up your champion in a match.
(2)- Experience points used to level up your summoner, known as X.P

Farm- Usually refers to killing minions, and last hitting them for gold/exp.

Fed- You got overleveled due to enemy's feeders.

Feeders- Players that get many more deaths than their kills.

FFS- For ****s Sake: you get the idea.

Focus- To direct all attacks on one target, usually a turret or a champion.

Focus Fire- see Focus

Gank- Attempting to kill an enemy champion without the enemy noticing.

GJ- Good Job: If you hear this, be proud.

GG- Good Game: say this at the end of each game.

Gold- Money earned and used in a match, resets every match.

Golem Buff- The buff you gain by killing the Ancient Golem.

Grass- see Brush

Harass- Usually done with low cooldown skills/attacks, this is to damage the enemy unit little by little, not allowing them to attack your turret, and forcing them to go back.

Heal (1)- Someone telling you to go bluepill to heal.
(2)- Telling your teammates that you are going to bluepill to heal.
(3)- Asking your teammate for a heal, with the summoner skill or a champion ability
Hero- see Champion

IAS- Increased Attack Speed: A unit that got an increase in attack speed.

I.P- Influence Points: Points which may be spent in the store in the PvP.net interface.

Jungle- The forest area where neutral minions lie.

Jungling- Killing minions in the jungle.

KS- Kill Steal: stealing the kill of an ally.

Lag- An unstable connection from you to the server.

Lane- The open areas where minion waves come through.

Last Hit- Hitting the minion last, allowing you to gain gold in the process.

Leaver- A player that left

Leecher- A player that leaves and then comes back near the end to eat IP and XP

LoL (1)- League of Legends
(2)- Laugh Out Loud

Lizard Buff- The buff you gain by killing the Lizard Elder.

MiA- Missing in Action: Enemy unit missing in mentioned lane.

MOBA- Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

MR-Magic Resistance: defense against magic

MS- Movement Speed

Mumb- Mumble: Same thing as vent, but with better quality. Used less often.

Nerf- A process of a champion being worse, to get it balanced. Usually OP champs get this.

Neut- see Neutral Minions

Neutral Minions- Minions that have no team, which gives an exceptional amount of gold, and sometimes a buff.

Noob- Person who's new to the game/ Person who literally, Sucks.

Noooooooooo- Something a person who just died might yell.

OP- Overpowered: A champion that is unbalanced/unfair

PvP- Player versus Player

Rage- The action of a player that, when they die, they have an outburst.

RageQuit- A player that leaves when they die.

RC- Reconnect

Red Buff- see Lizard Buff

Resistance- see MR

River- The river that runs in the middle of Summoner's Rift.

Runes- Power-ups bought in the store in the game menu.

R.P- Riot Points: Real money spent on skins or champions.

Silence- A debuff that stops a champion from casting any abilities.

Skills (1)- Champion skills, skills learned as your champion levels up. Placed on Q,W,E,R
(2)- Summoner skills, used to aid your champion, placed on D,F

Skin- An alternative costume for champions.

Snare- Can be seen as a mage's stun, except they can use abilities. Enemy units take damage while in a snare.

Solo Mid- Soloing middle lane.

Stun- An ability/attack that immobilizes an enemy. They cannot use their abilities, nor can they move during this time.

Tower- Turret

Ult- Ultimate, or the 4th skill on the "R" button.

Vent- Ventrillo: A server that allows you to talk to other people in game.

Waves- Minion waves, refers to the waves of creeps that are spawned every 30 seconds.

Worm- Baron Nashor

B.F- B.F Sword

CoP- Catalyst the Protector

Lich- Lich Bane

Pot- Health/Mana Potion

Sorc- Sorcerer Shoes

Trinity- Trinity Force

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Senior Member


Lol.. Nice list. Makes me remember the time I took "bot" as an offense, I thought they were calling me a "bot" AKA noob -- which I still am.

EDIT: I also thought MiA was "Maybe in ass form". Seriously.

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It Was Friday

Senior Member


I'm not quite sure if another thread like this exists,

There are actually 3 or 4 of em at the guide directory. this one is best imo (https://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=42052)

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Junior Member


nice list man but recently in most games i play ppl have been callling Alistar *cow* so u should add that to ur list

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Sparta - Pantheon
"b" is also used for return spell. It can also be used as short for "back".

"Re" is after you call "mia" and they come back to the lane, so you let your allies know they're un-mia.

Blue buff/Red buff - Golem/Lizard buffs

OP/Overpowered - Your champion, after killing someone else's champion

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Senior Member


You forgot:

OP = Overpowered


Nerf = Weaken.

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Bowser - Rammus

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Bowser - Rammus

The one skin that I want, and I can't get.

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CC - Crowd Control, aka a spell that prevents your champion from um, doing things.

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Egg - Anivia
gp - Gangplank