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[How To] Installing custom spell circles/cones!

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Jai Huynh



Hello guys, I have come today with a tutorial video on how to install a custom spell circle/cone/line display! I will be covering the basics and nothing more on this specific tutorial so if you already know how to import a custom skin, then this is not the right tutorial as it will be repeats of information.

Video Tutorial [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1Pqlh_xOZc ]

Sample [ http://www.mediafire.com/?a50wwovn31slzez ]

Samples in Action 1 [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5W2Isvp0wk ]
Samples in Action 2 [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUMjQC0cSMg ]

The above links are what I have labeled them. The video tutorial is a visual walk through of this wall of text, usually for people who'd rather watch a video and listen to a voice (My voice.. bleeeh ; A; )/ ).

Moving on, the Sample listed above is what I will be working with on this tutorial. There are two files inside that are both images used in-game, and it does not include the Line Missile Display and the new AoE Overtime Spread circle (Trundle's pillar of Filth), as they are newer and I am too lazy to search for one.

I have listed two sample videos that you may refer to. I have both of the spell circle and conic installed, but you mostly only see the circle one because the conic is a cone AoE spell (Like Annie's Incinerate/Decintegrate.. I forgot which one is the fire breathing one).

--Actual Tutorial--

I'll be listing the steps in.. steps! Should not be too difficult to follow along.

1. Find the Riot Games folder you installed League of Legends in.

- If you used the default installation path, it should be located in your C:\\ drive. If not, it may be inside your Program Files folder which is also in your C:\ drive.

- Default folder path is [ C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\game\DATA\ ]

2. Extract the sample I listed OR find one yourself OR create one yourself.

- To create one, you will need a program capable of opening a .dds file. I suggest using Paint.net or Paint Tool SAI. Photoshop does not open .dds files (unless mine is screwed up). You can use the sample as a layout and draw/colour around that.

3. Creating the path.

- When you reach the DATA folder, it won't be populated with everything you need. Think of it as a barebone and you have to build out. Starting with the Spells folder. Create a folder named Spells, the inside that folder, make another folder named textures. If you already have a Spells folder, then skip that step.

4. Importing your custom.

- After creating the path and gathering the colours, you want to make sure they are named correctly and copy them.

- At the moment, I am unsure of the LineRangeIndicator.dds, and the new Pillar Of Filth like one. If you know what they are properly named, please comment below and I will properly give you the credit for helping me.

- The cone AoE is named ConicRangeIndicator.dds

- The standard spell indicator (giant circle) is named CircularRangeIndicator.dds

5. Enjoy your new colourful spell indicators!

- Play a game and test them out! If you do not like them, you can change them or just delete them, they will revert back to the regular blue one.


That's the end to my tutorial on how to install a custom created Spell indicator! I hope this helped you!

I will be making more of these in the future.

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Junior Member


hey i have changed the cone while downloading an ashe skin.. how do i get the original cone... i cant find anything but this thread on a subject remotely close

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Senior Member


If you didn't back up your DDS files you'll have to reinstall the game to get the old skins I believe. I may be wrong though.

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Senior Member


"4. Importing your custom.

- After creating the path and gathering the colours, you want to make sure they are named correctly and copy them."

sorry, but, copy them where exactly? I downloaded your samples (presumably those are that red circles and I assume red cone shown in your videos), I had Spells folder under data folder, I created "Textures" folder since it didn't exist. So, again, where do I copy downloaded dds files?

Thanks for your tutorial. Appreciated.

PS. I am one of the guys that prefers text step-by-step wall-o-txt tut over video one

edit: watched the video, dds files go to "textures" folder. You may want to add that to your first post

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Senior Member


If I didn't use smart cast this would be awesome. Maybe someone can make something like this for smart cast users?

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Jai Huynh



Sorry for this late response. I will try my best to answer your questions here.

You can find the original ConicRangeIndicator.dds in a backup dump inside your folder. If I can find it, I will post a way to access it. If I can not, I will upload the original pack onto Mediafire and link it on my tutorial.

Have you tried deleting the ConicRangeIndicator.dds in your texture folder? If you haven't, then it should solve that problem immediately.

That is true, but at the same time, if you want to delete the skin and get the original, just delete the .dds or the folder all together. As for the particles, you may want to keep note of which particle belongs to which skin; they all go in the same folder so they get mixed up very easily.

Smartcast disables the use for indicators in-game. I often use Smartcast for some skills, so I have a slight idea.

You can still use this to change the look of the indicators when you aren't using smartcast. Maybe if you specified what you'd like to see, I can come up with something in the future?