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Most Balanced Champion?

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Genghis John

Senior Member


It's hard to say for sure. Here is my look at the most balanced champions in the game:

Caster dps:
The most balanced caster I would have to say is Annie. Most of the others are either UP or more of situational killers and no more.

Alistar. Some may say he's OP, but I disagree, he does his job and does it well
Another might be Taric - I've seen him good and bad.

DPS tank:
Singed all the way.
Malphite in a close second but I think he was recently nerfed so he's not as good as he once was.

Tristana and Teemo here. Neither are bad, and neither are OP, they're just good, but not too good. Twitch is considered OP, but I'm not really sure about that one. And the melee carries are considered to be quite UP right now, apparently some of those guys should be getting a buff soon. We'll see about that one.

Zilean. Most of the other hardcore supports are pretty terribad at this point.

Support Tank:

Anivia. She's not entirely a support and she's not really a dps caster either but she's pretty balanced either way.
Sion. He can be built as AP or AD so it's hard to say what this guy is, but he's pretty good if used right - but not OP.

Note: This is only my take on champions, I may be wrong, It has been known to happen.