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AD Shaco miniguide

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I've been playing for quite some time now and I don't think I've ever seen anyone use my AD shaco build so I thought I'd share it.
First I'd just like to say that I'm an advocate of building your champion to meet your play style as well as counter the enemy team.. guides are just that, guide lines.

With that being said...

I. Runes:
Armor penetration and/or crit dmg

II. Masteries
21/0/9 (should be easy to know which ones to get and which to not get as this is attack damage, not ap)

III. Summoner Spells
I usually go exhaust/ignite, but flash/exhaust would work too if you want more survivability.

IV. Items!
This is what sets my build apart from the others (I think..)
I usually start with a long sword and an HP potion.
And then...
1) Brutalizer
2) Boots (adjust to meet the needs of your situation, however boots of mobility are a favorite of mine)
3) Phage --> Frozen Mallet
4) Infinity Edge
Game is usually over at that point.

Most people would call me a noob for getting so much HP (and little damage up until IE) on shaco, but it works incredibly well for me.
This build ultimately makes me more of a team player while still maintaining high dmg.
The normal AD shaco would usually stand on the sidelines until he can blink in and finish someone off.
With this build I can take a good amount of damage, I can slow, I still have VERY high output dmg, and with that HP I can push really hard and almost always escape.

Try it out and let me know how it goes

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Very similar to what I normally do. I do exactly the same thing, except normally go for infinity edge or sword of the occult first. The boots of mobility are just too useful.