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A good guide for support Janna

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This is a guide I made to start playing Janna for the first few lvls'. if you have any suggestions feel free to see me in game or add what you thin, i'd love to here your opinion....and be nice.

hello, i love support Janna. here r the items i get with her. 1.Dorian's ring (and a health pot for start of game) 2. Mercury treads 3.fiendish codex 4.rod of ages. 5.frozen heart
6. upgrade codex to (death fire grasp).

Usually by the time i get to rod of ages and start buying the parts, i sell the ring giving me more space or to buy a part for the rod. when you get to frozen heart, buy the armor first. get (cloth armor) and (chain vest before) before you buy (sage ring).

as a support Janna, i select my abilities per level as follows: 1. howling gale 2. zephyr 3. eye of the storm
4.zephyr 5. eye of the storm 6.monsoon 7.howling gale.

the reason for this is that gale should stay cheap. making ur mana last quite awhile. then at lvl 7 getting gale again for more aoe damage in lanes. also make sure gale is the last one to max out unless you have a serious mana pool.

my spec at the moment is 3/1/21. putting my last few points in hardiness and resistance.
for support i went : good hands(1), perserverence (3), awareness (4), expanded mind (4), meditation (3), insight (1), quickness (1), intelligence (3), presence of the master (1).

for defence i would go for: mender's faith (1), resistance (2), hardiness (3).

for offence: archmage's savvy (3).

as for runes i went all ap (force) because all abilities r increased with ur ap making ur shield and monsoon stronger. gale and zephyr i use more to harass, farm and slow down enemies in pursuit of me. this is not an offensive build so don't solo for god sakes :P i got a solid 130+ fights with Janna and most of my kills come from assist. if there's anything else u want to know by all means find me in game (erob)