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Would you like to have in-game character specific dialogue?

Yes, and I hope that Riot implements it as soon as possible. 11 28.95%
Yes, but I understand if it takes Riot while to make it. 18 47.37%
Yes, but I doubt that Riot has the resources or the interest to create such functionality. 7 18.42%
No, I'm not interested in this feature and Riot should dedicate their resources elsewhere. 2 5.26%
Voters 38 .

A Modest Suggestion For Character Dialogue

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if it's a big concern, they could make a new type of skin for it, but this is the kind of thing that they would do if they started losing players and the community due to the lack of character interaction in LoL in comparison to games like DOTA 2. Dat said, I really wish Riot took more inspiration from Dota 2, a lot of their characters are much more unique, notably Banehollow, he's a way more interesting wolf character then Warwick, plus he and many other heroes have dialogue in game with their rivals and friends from their lore.

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This + Taric/Ezreal bot lane...