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report a player?

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not sure if there are any rules against what this player did but I would hope so.

our teemo: D I Z or D L Z

after about 30 mins we at one point lost 4 guys at once (including him) sparking his rage induced spiral into madness...he starts a vote, it gets shot down 1/4. so he proceeds to go afk in spawn

then after we hold it off for about 10 he comes back and spams pings on the map for 5 or so minutes until we lost.

here's a few screenshots. all you can really see is all the pings and him in spawn


so am i liable for vindication?

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Name dropping is not allowed on the forums. Please e-mail [EMAIL="support@riotgames.com"]support@riotgames.com[/EMAIL] with any personal complaint information and screenshots.