I'm a noob

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So a buddy told me about this game a few days ago, and it's actually quite some fun (apart from the constant insults you get when you are new to the game). I got some points and wanted to spend them, and ponder now where to invest them best.

- maybe in several expensive rune? But since I'm rather new and dunno which char I'd play most often, maybe the runes would be rather useless to me later on and wasted money? Currently I just bought some cheaper ones that seemed helpful

- buy several cheap (pointwise) champions, so I can stick to them to learn how to pilot them (like maybe poppy or tristana or mundo, and some of the 450 point ones)

- save for a more expensive champion (I liked gragas while I could play him, but he is quite expensive and the only guide I found basically says "he sucks", which ain't too motivating. I don't mind using champions that are rarely used, but beeing a newbie AND having an underpowered char might not be an enjoyable experience). Also the guides always assume you can afford the best runes and have the maximum number of mastery points available, so I guess half of the strategies mentioned wouldn't work anyway.

- buy one cheap champion of each type (ie a tank, ganker, pusher etc) just to find out which playstyle I prefer most in the long run

- keep playing the free heroes to see what they can do, continue buying cheap runes and saving points until I'm 100% sure what to do with them :P

- are there any champions that are definately not playable for a new player, since they only do well with the best runes and maximum masteries? And some that make sense also early on?

Thanks for any advice

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I really wouldn't worry about runes, they honestly don't make much of a difference, especially an incomplete set of non-tier 3 runes pre level 30.

Play with the free champions for a couple weeks/months (they rotate 10 new ones every week), and if you really really like somebody purchase them. Honestly, the best values are the champ bundles via riot points, $45 gets you everyone but the 4 newest champs I think. Off the top of my head the best 450IP champs are Sivir, Ashe, and Yi (when I first started those were my first 3).

Just do everyone a favor and play 2-3 practice games (either against bots or real people) any time you decide to try a new champ. Test driving one you've never played and haven't researched any builds for is just asking for insults. I don't really think there are champs that are unplayable for new folks as long as you take the time to learn them over the course of a few games. There are definitely champs who are easier to help carry your team to a win though, but you'll figure out who those are the more you play.

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I would continue to play the free champs. Each week there is a tank/support/dps. When you find a champ you like, then buy him/her. The exceptions to this would be the 6,300 IP ones as those take a bit of saving up for. In the meantime, go ahead and buy tier 1 runes as they are cheap and some runes are better than no runes.

I second the practice games--look for ones with "noob" or summoner level 1~10 as titles and try to join those.