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Rockin' Malphite

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Well, build seems to work, so figure I'll post it.

Quick Summary: People don't expect a tank to throw out a shard for 1/4th of their health before running over to slap the hell out of them and/or ground-pound the rest away. It's badass fun for badass people - the only ones who pick Malphite to begin with.
Masteries: I normally run http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/3001040000000001030401341301000000000000000 (http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/3001040000000001030401341301000000000000000), Put that last point wherever. May want to swap Deadliness for Archmage's Savvy - It's all up to personal preference (and more AP makes you nuke harder without spending money on AP ****)

Summoner Spells:

Cleanse (Obligatory): As a melee hero. You should have cleanse. You can't kick ass if you're being CCed, and until we have the option of seeing enemy team comp, you should always assume the enemy is packing CC.

The duration cut stacks with treads, too. Groovy.

Exhaust: Slower people means you have more opporunity to beat an extra kind of **** out of them, and exhausting a carry, in combination with Groundslam/Frozen Heart, makes them BABIES.

Ignite: Either for Burning Embers, the nasty heal debuff, or just plain earlygame first-blooding, it's a useful spell.

Flash: Short range, but it's just long enough to get your magically-squishy ass out of Nunu/Fiddle/Gangplank/Kat/Pantheon ults, which your armor doesn't do much of anything against.

And you can use it to do assorted crazy chasing stuff, I suppose.

Ghost: I, personally, haven't used this. Logic stands that it'd be handy combined with Shard, though.

Whatever: Seriously. I'm lazy, and more or less anything works on Malphite. Could waste time plugging everything individually, but...Pick a combo you like (But seriously: Cleanse. Do it.)

Runes: Magic penetration red, Dodge/flat MP5/flat Armor yellow, flat CDR blue. flat Health quints.

Works for most people, really (well, maybe not magic pen)

Starting out:

Fairy trinket, Rejuv bead, and a health pot. Easy and fairly well-rounded, right?

Check out who you're laning against - If it's a good harasser, get Shard first. Otherwise, get Brutal Strikes - It'll help you farm, and it'll be the only point you stick in it for a long while anyway.

Last hit, harass, yadda-yadda. Just don't die and if you're lucky an opponent or two will get careless (possibly more than once) and die to your MANLY FISTS.

With any luck, by the time you really need to go back, you'll have enough money to upgrade the trinket/bead to a Haunting Guise.

"But VG, Malphite needs armor!"

Shut the hell up. You'll get some when you need it. That's not now.

If you have money to spare, get shoes - You'll probably be aching for them by now anyway (If you were driven back to base early, or even died, you can buy 'em before upgrading)

Middlin' Time

Check enemy team comp before upgrading - If you can get away with it, go Sorc boots. If you can't, go with Tabi or Treads (Usually treads)

After that, start work on Frozen Heart and/or Guardian Angel. Preferably Frozen Heart first, but whatever components you have money for while at the base are welcome.

Now, if you've been paying attention and the enemy has been doing their normal crit/AP-heavy bull****, you should notice that Shard hits really freaking hard now. That's normal and you should be abusing it for all it's worth.

If you can, round up a buddy, turn on Brutal Strikes, and knock over a tower or two to put the pressure on - if nothing else, it'll cause the enemy team to come running and eat a shard.

Unstoppable force (Let's just call it UNF from now on. It's the exact sound Malphite makes anyway before eating a squishy person alive anyway), hits hard and has a gigantic range, only real drawback is how it can apparently whiff without rhyme or reason - It's nice, but don't be reckless with it.

When you finish your Frozen Heart, you basically shut down melee carries - or ranged ones who aren't paying attention/eat a UNF - Between it's aura and your Slam they're looking at around 70% of their attack speed gone, and a nice, large chunk of health on top of that.

Late Game

So you've finished your Heart and GA, the enemy team has (loosely) grouped up in fear of your mighty UNF powers, and the K/D ratio has slowed down. What are you to do?

Well, first, stick with your team. All the badassery in the world won't make you survive a 5v1 (unless your name is Twitch or Shaco. In which case GTFO, this is a Malphite guide)

Second, work on one of these four items:

Abyssal Staff: Magic resist, magic penetration, and AP to make sharding and UNF-ing hurt more, also makes the casters on your team <3 you. What's not to love?

Sunfire Cape: Armor, Health, and a damage aura that works nicely with your penetration.

Thornmail: Moar Carry Hatred, assuming they still target you instead of fleeing like they should.

Banshees Veil: Cleanse can't do all the work for you, and it doesn't stop you from being blown up by magic at all - Banshee's, however, does. And comes with a nice chunk of health on top.

Fill out your inventory however you will from that selection - Frequently, the games I'm in end before I can finish the banshees.

Quick Summary - Skills

1 - Shard or Strikes
2 - Shard or Stikes (whichever you didn't get)
3 - Shard
4 - Slam
5 - Shard
6 - Ult

Basically, Ult > Shard > Slam > Strikes, but stick a point in Strikes early.

Quick Summary - Items

1. Fairy Trinket + Rejuv Bead + Potion
2. Upgrade to Guise
3. Boots
4. Upgrade boots (Depending on enemy team)
5. Glacial Shroud (If you're having trouble with money, focus on armor parts first - Including chainmail)
6. Frozen Heart
7. Guardian angel
8. Abyssal/Sunfire/Veil/Thornmail


That's all I've got - I can't say it'll work under all situations, and I've lost just as many games as I've won using it for reasons I'm not exactly sure of, but it's a fun build >.>

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Looks nice, I'll try out the Guise part and check if it solves Malphite's mana problems. I was running a Catalyst for it.

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Looks pretty standard except for the guise. Could be the middle ground between no mana regen (rush Catalyst) and heavy regen (rush Chalice) builds. I'll give it a shot.

I hate the idea of Sunfire as one of your last 2 items. I can't think of a situation where I'd take it over Abyssal, Veil or Thornmail. If you're worried about physical survival you could pick up Thornmail and Giant's belt for roughly the same price, which nets you about more 1.2k health against physical (at 18, according to Leaguecraft), ups the damage of your ground slam, and return 25% physical damage. I'm just not buying that Sunfire Cape's passive and armor pen is really doing much for you in team battles that are won or lost in a handful of seconds.

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Well, depending on enemy team comp, I'll typically build a banshees or thornmail first. And it's rare I'll finish that before the match ends.

So, sunfire's more 'Fits whatever's left' than 'outright vital'.

As to if Guise fixes mana problems - No. It helps a bit, but you're still going to be mana hungry until you start working on Glacial Shroud/Frozen Heart. Use your shards wisely.

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I really do not understand Haunting Guise on Malphite. That is for sure not the optimal item to be including in your build.

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Tried it, the Guise works pretty sweet as soon as you get it. I had pure M.Pen runes though so Shards were really huuuurrrt. Mana problems were there until Glacial Shroud, which I got after basic boots. I also had to deviate from the guide after Frozen Heart, I found I needed HP so I went for a Giant's Belt (for Warmog's) first then got the Abyssal.

I think I did pretty well, you can look up my profile if you want, it's the only Malphite game I played today.

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It Was Friday

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Gave this a fair try for three games. I don't get quite as many assists but I flat out kill a lot more people, and I can feel like I'm more intimidating on the field. Suffers a bit in longer games but still completely tears up those carries who never pick up MR, which is who you'd be targetting anyway.

Good build.

I really do not understand Haunting Guise on Malphite. That is for sure not the optimal item to be including in your build.

-20 MR goes a long way early game, when most champs hover around ~30 MR. Grabbing Sorc Boots doubles that and lets you circumvent base MR entirely (and then some) and do full damage with your spells. Getting someone to 0 Magic Res from 40 Magic Res boosts your damage by 40%.

The cdr is handy too. It's easy to tell how much cd I have left on Lv1 Unstoppable Force when the cooldown is almost exactly 2 minutes

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I dig this build, but still I'm constantly having terrible mana issues with Malphite. All throughout every match I play I feel like I'm always out of mana. I really don't want to add a chalice to my build but I feel like I might have to.

I find that I'm constantly checking to see if the golems are up so that I can get the buff, because I'm near useless without it.

So making the money to support this build is an issue for me since I never have the mana to use my abilities. Gold trickles in veeeeery slowly.