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Twisted Fate Rework: Finished!

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I don't thin TF is overpowered, those who play that good with TF are really good players and they would kind of beat ya with any hero... Let me tell you about TF:

First he has little life points, no armor and he isn't that fast, so he is fragile. He is indeed the best 1 vs 1 champion, ok maybe he can't always win vs tankers but he is good. His spells aren't that great as you think:

Wild Cards, yah they have a huge train range ), but they are easy dodgeable, even from the attack range. So while he throws those cards you dodge so it's kind of like nothing happen... The good thing about this is that he can kill creeps fast, having a reasonable damage and a small CD. It is not good in solo battles.

Pick a Card can be the greatest or the worst spell TF has. Usually when he is chased you try to pick the gold, stun and run. But if there are 2 champions folowing you, you should let them kill you, because there is no champion I know that doesn't have slow, stun, silence, speed or whatever to catch you, or hope for the best. If you try to stun one, the otehr will hit you, the other will join him and... you're dead. Also in team fights you really need luck ), because you can't see what card you pick because of the health bar of your allies. Well, ok, you can count 2 seconds and you picked it, but it doesn't always come in the same order... Also if you picked the blue or red those are bad, because you can't change them until you use those or wait for the spell to vanish, wait for the CD and pick again. Another bad thing is that when you trigger the spell and wait for the gold, you get stunned, silenced, blind, anything that has and doesn't have anything to do with spells, you can't pick a card. it just passes over it and doesn't stop. Well for the stun and silence I understand, but blind ? you can use Wild Cards but you can't Pick a Card ? Want to hear more ? How about that Pick a Card is a buff for your attack. If you can stop the attack, for example Pantheon's shield did the trick, you don't get stun.

Gate is a **** great spell. But it does not have a low CD. If I'm not mistaking, at lvl 5 it has 60 sec CD. It may be great that you can travel all over the map but it's good only if you can use it often. Also it has 3 ~ 4 sec channel. It can be used for escape as well, but only if you think you can get hits from your enemies for 4 seconds and not die or get a stun ). Also you can see when a TF is teleporting in a bush because you can see he's gate. So no surprises with this one...

Destiny it's the worst ultimate spell in the game. It's useless in battles... but it's the best on map control, revealing the enemies and slowing them. Can be used as slow, reveal or scout. But it doesn't help you in a battle. It's good only when used for the team or when you know there is a weak enemy out there so you have to do something like: Pick a Card (Gold) -> Destiny -> Gate... Well you get a kill, but doesn't it cost less mana if you wore the Deathsinger ? It does the same thing, without revealing and slowing, but strikes all enemies.

TF is almost always the first the enemies try to kill. He can be more usefull than a tanker, been able to strike all champions with a single Wild Cards spell, but you got to know the right angles, you can stun a running enemy, etc.

So TF is a good champion if you know how to play your card right, but he is also fragile and it can be hard to play for noobs (like me). He was ok now he gets weaker and weaker...

How about Ryze ? He got some major buffs there... I was chasing him with an ally and he used a spell on me, leaving me with half of my health, how fair is that ? If you have creeps or an ally near you (as a mage or whatever with low hp) if he uses Overpower, ensnare and that dancing ball, maybe a few magic attacks 'cuz you might still have 2 hp left and you're dead XD