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Attack Power Twisted Fate

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Doctor Ryer

Junior Member


Ok, so I've been playing Twisted Fate a long time and always went the usual rush lich bane and be OP BS (for the record, I hate how ridiculous both of the Sheen variants are). I do plenty good, but it's just no fun. Lately I've been building him like a carry, like it seems the game initially wanted him built. It's more fun, for sure, and in public games I don't need to be the super OP top tier menace that House really is. Once again, I know how much better Ability Power Fate is, I'm just looking for something more fun in pub games.

So, here's what I've been doing:
Berzerker Shoes
Infity Edge
Guardian Angel or something of the like, maybe a Phantom Dancer

Early game is pretty much identical to building Ability Power (different shoes of course), up until I would normally buy a soulstealer (which here is a malady). I want something that gives attack speed, but I don't think malady is really the right way to go. I was thinking Last Whisper, but I dunno. I usually feel like a carry around the time I get the Infinity Edge, and then it's pretty fun.

II guess I'm just looking for some advice from anyone who's tried this, since I'm sick of just boringly dominating as AP Fate, but I love the character.

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Junior Member


Don't try anythink else then standart fotm setups or be flame resitend .

MagicP Janna? Na, some wonnabe made a physical Janna guid .. if you don't follow it now, you WILL be flamed as noob.

MagicP or hybrid Sivir? No way! It's a no-go. You WILL be flamed from first second of the match from both teams. (But here I just say: "stuf dump auto attack noobs!&quot.
Same for hybrid Poppy or Teemo.

But I ensure you, there are many more valid setups then you can find in *insert random guid*. You just need to be VERY flame resitend .

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If you're looking for an attack-based Cardmaster, give this build a try:


No lifesteal, but it blends autoattack damage with (slightly less beefy than AP cardmaster build) goldcard+wildcard.

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Don't think Twisted Fate players rush Lich Bane.