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Ryze: amI doing it right?

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I prefer harassing with overload, since costs much less mana and when you are in a lane it is hard to get spell flux to bounce well. Once you start going in for the kill spell flux works much better since you can wait and use it as they alone with you.

My build is usually
Sapphire crystal
crystal-> tear

Then w/e depending on the game. Mejai's is pretty easy to get enough stacks on for it to be worth it, even if you just get 2 assists or 1 kill before you die you can sustain 6stacks (assuming you get to 6 stacks first).

One side question, does Zhonya's increase the AP that your ult gives you, or does it just increase the amount you get from other items? If it increases your ults AP then it would be an even better item for Ryze then I had thought.