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The shop just ate my screen

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Yeah, it's the morning... I'm tired. Anyhow, the shop is in the way. I'll start with the one in the bottom left corner and my issues with it. This shop gets in the way for me sometimes when I'm trying to leave the starting circle, the place where you respawn after death. This can be quite annoying when trying to go and defend a tower/inhibitor after dying. Those second can count in terms of helping defend a push, as that last hit is what does break the structure.

The shop in the top right corner is almost as bad at times and at times it's even worse. If you try to play with the camera flipped, so that you always start in the bottom left corner regardless of team, then the shop is somewhat difficult to target. I know there's also a small button on the UI for the shop, but it's small. Is there a hotkey for the shop? If there isn't, can we please get one?

My last and biggest issue with the shop is the actual UI. It's TOO BIG, kinda like those all caps letters, except those all caps would then be taking up the entire middle of your screen and even if they where moved somewhere else they'd still be eating up way too much space. Could the shop UI be made to scale with the UI? Or could it somehow be streamlined? Or even be made seperately resizeable?

I really like the shop. I really like how you can buy items outright. I really like how you can look up items based on a goal/stat. But I really don't like how sometimes, and it feels it's usually during those really important times, it gets in the way.

On a unrelated sidenote, I can't wait for if/when we can move items around on our UI, I'd really like to be able to put potions in the first slot all the time if I choose to carry them around. I know they are hotkeyed 1 through 6, and well if I choose to buy a consumable late and I have a 6th slot left, chances are it won't be 1, and pressing 1 is much more convinent/easier then 6.

Anyhoo, sorry for the crit of text.