idea for new champ

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Shock Wing



A blob like creature who shoots parts of its body for its auto-attack.

Its Q will make the champ shrink in size (making skill shots harder to hit) and speeds the champion up.

Its W can be the player jumps a certain distance and splatters on the ground, if it hits a enemy champ, said enemy champ is covered in the blobs goo and is damaged and slowed.

Its E can makes the player turn into a wall (the higher the level the bigger the wall) that can not be passed but can still be attacked (as the wall is the champ).

Its R will allow the player to chose any champ that can be seen on the map and the blob morphs into that champ and has that champs abilities for a set amount of time.

Example of how a move combo could be used. The team is in a team fight and is winning the remaining enemy champs start running away. You as the blob use Q turn tiny and speed up go around them and then use E to stop them in your their tracks with your wall.