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Item Feedback Requested

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Few ideas:

Boots that increase speed over distance. Kinda like Spirit Breaker's charge; the longer you are running towards a target the more velocity you accumilate. This would be a good item for any hero gear'd towards ganks or chasing down heroes. Would be good for racing across the map to save a teammate or to get that last hit on an enemy. Maybe start out at an increase of 2 and build up to 5 traveling from one base to the other.

Proc that silences. An item that gives a slight attack speed bonus and has say a 40% chance to silence for 1.5 seconds. Decent item for ranged dps. Another option would be instead of a silence, how about restarting all of the spell's cooldowns? You run into ryze in the woods, he thinks oo ez kill. Instead you hit him 3x in 1 second with trist and suddenly his ult is on cd again. Would have to balance obviously but thats not my strongpoint.

Weapon poison. Bad name I know but the idea goes like this: Consumable that gives your auto attack a dot of say 10dps over 5 seconds that can stack 2-3 times and wears off after 4 mins like the other potions. Has early harass potential and would really be a bane to invisy heroes using hit and run tactics.

Adaptive armor. Armor with little bonus in terms of armor and spell def by default but say every time you are hit by a certain type of attack you gain a resistance towards that attack of say 2-5% maxing out at 50%. This wouldnt mean defense builds vs all melee or all ranged attacks but more like Trist's auto-attack, Twitch's auto-attack, Lich's lay waste ect ect. This would give a large boost towards defense vs spamming type heroes ala lich and cm, and auto-attack fiends ala trist and ashe, but wouldnt help much vs say a pushing team or a aoe team. Probably be mid-priced so as to be able to build up these charges which is why there wouldnt be much else to the item.

Full Plate Armor. Yeah another bad name, meh. Gives large amount of armor and spell defense but decreases movespeed or possibly increases cooldowns. I like these kinds of items where you have to take a lil bad with the good. Would be good for tanks or even ranged dps that dont really cast that much. Would be expensive but adds another option to tank-ish items.

Magic Capacitor. <--Good Name! Basically gives small amount of AP but also has unique effect of doubling your AP but doubling or trippling your cd's. Yet again the lil bad with the good makes this seemingly imba item much more balanced. This would be good on heroes that cast, but arent really spammers, or heroes that get a large bonus from ap on their spells but dont really have the mana pool to cast them repeatedly.

Few more random ideas that are less thought out:

Stasis trap. Another consumable with a decent cost, works just like techie's version. Sounds dumb at first but an aoe stun that lasts 3+ seconds is very nice. The potential of it being completely wasted on a creep not to mention the fact that typically 3+ people per team have clair goes a long way to balance it out.

Lifesteal? Seems like we only have 1-2 choices for lifesteal. Not sure how everyone else feels but I'd like more items with varying degrees of this ability.

Well thats about it, hope I helped in some small way
Sorry for wall o txt

I like the poison idea it has some real potential but i think it might conflict with teemo's existing poison and would it stack with teemo's e or no

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An item that increases your AOE range. meaning you hit larger areas with your spells, nothing that op though, just something that increases it like.. 10% or 15%

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Assuming that Guinsoo & Riot intended this to be a perpetual thread, and thus that it is actually eligible to be Necro'd, I'll make a few comments from a more current standpoint, and keeping in mind the things I've heard Riot discuss in the past (e.g. the implications of a high HP, high MR item).

An item I'd really like to see, is one that gives a little bit of AD, AP, arpen, and mpen. I'm thinking specifically an item building from Longsword & Tome; a kama (pair?), mace, or similarly under-represented weapon - or some kind of bauble; that gives ~ 10 - 15 AD, 15 - 25 AP, 10 - 15 arpen, & 10 - 15 mpen. Flat values all.

Uses: the niche I'm sure is obvious; hybrid champions who deal significant and similar amounts of physical and magic damage. It would also be good on physical champs with magic side-damage (i.e. traditional physical champs that have substantial AP versions, e.g. Trist, Kog), and it would be good on magical champs with some sort of physical damage output (e.g. Malz, Kass), though these champions are likely fewer than the other sort. Most champs interested would be straight-up hybrids such as Jax and Akali.

Combinations: the item would combine well with both AP and AD, so the combinations are theoretically limitless. However, it would most often be seen combining with Gunblade, Rageblade, Trinity, and/or other hybrid items, including future ones. It might also be seen in place of existing flat pen items, such as Guise (and Liandry's) or Brutalizer (and derivatives).

Other benefits: having a hybrid penetration item would encourage the development of future hybridizations, and Riot would have incentive to not shy away from alternate components on champions doing predominantly one type of damage. Riot might even alter existing champs according more to "what makes sense" when these champs can get hybrid items (for example, Heim's turrets might be modified to deal physical damage & proc as auto attacks, even if they don't crit).

I think that, generally, some of the new items may have potentially abusive wielders. I'm not talking about counter-able situations like Cleaver stacking. I'm talking about Iceborn Ezreal. Riot made Tiamat/Hydra a melee-only item because (I presume, among other reasons) they didn't want ranged champions doing massive AOE damage, but that's exactly what Iceborn Ezreal does. It seems that, in a (noble) effort to make tanks & fighters more interesting & fun, some unintended loopholes may have been generated.

Right now, all champions are liked or not liked, mostly by virtue of their own abilities. At the same time, Riot seems to have approached stale or unbalanced team comps (in the past) by nerfing them to the point where none of the individual components (i.e. champions) are useful in that sort of role outside that comp, and that comp is also weaker. I hope that Riot's goal is more to create a system where all comps are equal, so that skill and play determine the winner.

With that in mind, it seems that heal & sustain comps have been hit unduly hard in the past, and that due in large part to the lack of effective counter-play. That is, there are items that bestow Grievous Wounds, but they are not cheap. Perhaps an item like Machete, that introduces say, 5% healing & regen reduction and procs on autos would be a way of allowing healing & sustain to get buffed back up to more powerful levels. Such an item would have a simple, intuitive, and broadly desireable upgrade path, even branching out to benefit different classes with different items (like the current Soul Stone).

Another class that seems to have fallen by the wayside is the traditional tank. Experienced players have learned how to deal with Rammus & Galio (and also Malphite, Amumu, Shen, and the rest of the usual culprits), so that these champions don't always offer great incentive to attack them. I think proper itemization (i.e. items) can supplement their kits, in order to make them threats, while not making them overlap with carries & assassins for anti-champion damage potential. Perhaps an item that damages towers, reduces tower damage or other stats, or slows tower attack speed would do the job.

We need an item (or item set) that truly is useful against beefy champions, but not as useful on them. BRK seems to be a step in this direction. Two or three improvements might really pull it through. Option 1) change the damage to true damage; AS carries will now treat all champions relatively equally, as it would be equally effective against all champion types. Option 2) make the damage crit; it is physical damage - does it do this already? - doing this would make the item vastly preferred by AD carries over all other champions. These 2 choices would probably be too strong if combined.