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Item Feedback Requested

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Hello my favorite beta testers,

I'm looking to gather some feedback about items - specifically the ones we don't have. We'd like to add a few more items. We're mostly interested in ideas around:

Items to counter a particular strategy, tactic, overpowered champion type, etc
Items with hybrid stats, like damage and ability power, that are not represented
Items with interesting procs or effects that we do not have
Items with active abilities. We'd prefer to avoid in-combat spells

For maximum value, please add as much detail as you can... in what situations the item would be useful, what its purpose is, what characters would buy it, what other items you'd build with it, why we should add it, what gap it fills, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Senior Member


One of the biggest things I think we're missing is tanking AP items. There are several AP items with HP on them but the HP is generally pretty modest and other stats (like mana) take up much of the item budget. For example, an item could have some modest mana regen, a good chunk of HP, some armor or magic resist, and AP. Naturally these items would be well suited to tanks like singed but would also well suited to casters that don't need huge mana pools like fiddlesticks.

For activated items there's plenty of stuff you could do but please please please not CC. CC removal would be great though.

How about items that grant better bonusses than usual but with a disadvantage? For example, an item that increases your ability power by 300 but increases the mana cost by 200 times the AP scaling of that ability. The idea here is to help casters scale better end game when mana is no longer an issue and the physical damage dealers are going insane.

Something that I'd personally like to see for an activated item is one that gives you temporary resistance to turret damage. <3 greedy tower diving

Another fun one might be something that grants your immunity but you can't do anything durring it either, the purpose being to break up a focus fire.

A charged knapsack of wards one could be interesting. When you place a ward it functions like a stationary creep and shoots stuff. The purpose of this would be to give an early combat effectiveness for a fairly considerable gold cost.

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Senior Member


What do you mean by in-combat abilities? A li'l more clarification would be nice. As the other poster said, an item that gives AP and HP is something I've heard that a lot of people want for casters.

Crazy ideas:
Here's my self-plug for a movement-speed based item http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=5742 (http://beta.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=5742)
An item that, upon hitting someone, gives them an extra chance to miss. Stacks up to X amount of times.
An item that gives bonus attack and AP, and when activated switches your AP and attack for 3 seconds. I can see this being handy on a couple'a heroes.
An item that gives evasion and AP.

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Few ideas:

Boots that increase speed over distance. Kinda like Spirit Breaker's charge; the longer you are running towards a target the more velocity you accumilate. This would be a good item for any hero gear'd towards ganks or chasing down heroes. Would be good for racing across the map to save a teammate or to get that last hit on an enemy. Maybe start out at an increase of 2 and build up to 5 traveling from one base to the other.

Proc that silences. An item that gives a slight attack speed bonus and has say a 40% chance to silence for 1.5 seconds. Decent item for ranged dps. Another option would be instead of a silence, how about restarting all of the spell's cooldowns? You run into ryze in the woods, he thinks oo ez kill. Instead you hit him 3x in 1 second with trist and suddenly his ult is on cd again. Would have to balance obviously but thats not my strongpoint.

Weapon poison. Bad name I know but the idea goes like this: Consumable that gives your auto attack a dot of say 10dps over 5 seconds that can stack 2-3 times and wears off after 4 mins like the other potions. Has early harass potential and would really be a bane to invisy heroes using hit and run tactics.

Adaptive armor. Armor with little bonus in terms of armor and spell def by default but say every time you are hit by a certain type of attack you gain a resistance towards that attack of say 2-5% maxing out at 50%. This wouldnt mean defense builds vs all melee or all ranged attacks but more like Trist's auto-attack, Twitch's auto-attack, Lich's lay waste ect ect. This would give a large boost towards defense vs spamming type heroes ala lich and cm, and auto-attack fiends ala trist and ashe, but wouldnt help much vs say a pushing team or a aoe team. Probably be mid-priced so as to be able to build up these charges which is why there wouldnt be much else to the item.

Full Plate Armor. Yeah another bad name, meh. Gives large amount of armor and spell defense but decreases movespeed or possibly increases cooldowns. I like these kinds of items where you have to take a lil bad with the good. Would be good for tanks or even ranged dps that dont really cast that much. Would be expensive but adds another option to tank-ish items.

Magic Capacitor. <--Good Name! Basically gives small amount of AP but also has unique effect of doubling your AP but doubling or trippling your cd's. Yet again the lil bad with the good makes this seemingly imba item much more balanced. This would be good on heroes that cast, but arent really spammers, or heroes that get a large bonus from ap on their spells but dont really have the mana pool to cast them repeatedly.

Few more random ideas that are less thought out:

Stasis trap. Another consumable with a decent cost, works just like techie's version. Sounds dumb at first but an aoe stun that lasts 3+ seconds is very nice. The potential of it being completely wasted on a creep not to mention the fact that typically 3+ people per team have clair goes a long way to balance it out.

Lifesteal? Seems like we only have 1-2 choices for lifesteal. Not sure how everyone else feels but I'd like more items with varying degrees of this ability.

Well thats about it, hope I helped in some small way
Sorry for wall o txt

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There are items that affect every single aspect of an ability BUT one: mana/relevant statistic cost. It would be an interesting set of items.

A missing possible defensive stat: resilience to debuffs and DoT skills...basically armor for debuffs...which would decrease the length of time debuffs and DoTs affect the champion.

If that defensive stat is introduced, another stat for champions could be introduced, especially those who USE DoTs and debuffs...not AP, but Potency, or some such word. Basically, more Potency, the longer your debuffs affect the target.

Another statistical possibility: increasing the AoE of abilities.

There's also no Aghanim's Scepter-like item...the scepter is an amazing idea...but I'd like it to affect the ultimates in ways other than damage:

Item Concept: (not all stats are necissary)
Cowl of Sarda, the Wizard Who Did It:
Cooldown Reduction
Alters Ultimate (different for each champion) OR Alters Passive

Examples of altered ultimates and/or passives: (It would only alter the passive OR the ultimate, so, while combining the two would sometimes be wicked...it won't happen)

Passive: Reduces the number of charges needed to activate OR applies a small DoT to every target affected by one of her spells.
Ultimate: Tibbers gains _ health, _ armor, and _ magic resist, and/or a taunt like ability.

Master Yi:
Passive: Reduces the chance of double strike occuring, but changes it into a triple strike.
Ultimate: Significantly increases the chance of double strike occuring while under the effects of Highlander.

Passive: Raises the armor of the egg, and slows the attack speed of anything that attacks it.
Ultimate: Reduces the slow effect of glacial storm, but greatly increases the Area of Effect.

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Senior Member


An item that turns physical damage into ability power (reverse lich blade). For example you could have something like:
On critical attack boost ability power by X% of you physical damage for next ability. Has internal cooldown of Y seconds.

More caster damage based auras. Right now there's no +AP friendly aura (only -CD and +Mp/5).

Increased cooldown debuffs! (this would work for a champion too). If you can lower your own cooldown why can't someone buy an item to increase a targets cooldown rate when struck (or hit with a spell). This would be a great counter balance to Zilean and other spammy heroes.

More +Dodge items. Right now the variety on +dodge items is lacking a bit.

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Junior Member


I'm not going to attempt to balance these, but this gives the general idea behind them

Item ideas:
- Increasing crit chance per consecutive hit. Resets after each crit
- Dodge chance + passive: after dodging an attack, gains movement speed
- Large damage bonus but a negative to attack speed
- Spell lifesteal (steal 10% of dmg done from directly targetting spells)
- proc that deals magic damage
- returns a % of spell damage to caster, or possible % of mana used

Dual type:
- +AP, +Atk Spd and passive: after casting a spell, gains attack speed for 4 seconds
- +armor, +AP and passive: every hit taken increases AP by 5(ish) for 5 seconds
- +crit chance, +AP and passive: crit damage is increased by 20% of AP
- +atk spd, +health and passive: attack speed increased at lower health

I like the idea of having synergy between 2 very different stats. It creates many more options and items and end up being perfect for specific heroes.

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Mr V Light



black king bar?

something with a free action potion clicky? (not just the 'cleanse' effect, but something with a brief immunity - i.e. something that could let you run away from ashe)

more hybrid stats, +hp/+dmg, +ap/+hp, +dodge/+dmg, +movement/+dmg, +armor/+dmg/+ap etc etc..

thinking something along the lines of a heart of tarasque for a str hero



there's already nice ways to complement spells with -cd and +ap, but how about something that increases range? or aoe?

double/triple attack procs? maybe double cast procs on single target spells too?

more aura items

weapon with a silence proc?

weapon that makes your attack ignore dodge (new monkeyking effect)

if avatar/free action potion effects are too extreme, how about individual brief immunities - root immunity for 5 seconds, stun immunity, snare immunity.. that kind of thing.

something with a -attack/ap debuff on it?

basically just thinking of things that would reverse the current matchups, something that would make your ranged carry that has a lizard rune actually think before engaging someone.. things to add survivability without gimping caster damage.. and overall just ways to broaden combat aside from just throwing damage out and seeing who dies first.

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I worry that Hybrid AP/Atk item would take certain champions to the realm of really freaking scary (Cho'gath, Judicator, Sion, and Amumu all benefit greatly off AP but also do a fair deal with their in-your-face smashing).

Having the ability to get Mercury Treads effects (or similar) of reducing Snares/CC on self without having to use the Unique Boot slot would be great. Since I tend to keep my Masteries set to Offensive I have trouble without Boots 3 when facing Utility Mastery'd heroes with Boots 2 (or Move-Speed buffed heroes like Gangplank).

Fighting a Dodge-Runed and Defensive Mastery'd Jax is troublesome but I'm not sure that counter-Dodge items are fair. Certainly they'd be niche enough that you wouldn't have much reason to get them unless you were facing Ninja Tabis or Jax (or if new Dodge items get added).

Having played a Ranged Carry pretty extensively lately, the one thing I find hurting me is that any Armor (let alone stacking) makes it difficult to punch through. Gem Knight's 50 Armor Aura is a major contributor to these troubles. Liches with upwards of 80 Armor without buying a piece of it? And Anniva gets to something terrific like 80 Armor before the effect, baseline. Some form of low-mid tier -Armor or precursor to Black Cleaver or Last Whisper would be terrifically helpful. Last Whisper style is probably the safer effect, else getting Stark's + Cleaver + NEW ITEM might just let you roll over casters with insane levels of damage due to imposing negative armor on them.

A short-CD Proc on Ability usage (ie, variant Rylai Scepters) that reduces target's Crit Chance, or suppresses target's item-Aura's might be valuable in certain situations without being absolutely gamebreaking, overpowered, or un-fun (which I do think a silence proc would be)

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Senior Member


Well dodge-counter items could be a stacking debuff. Each hit reduces dodge chance by X% stacking up to Y times. So it's not a complete and immediate counter.