Constant lag freeze

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I've been getting lag freeze throughout the game, it first happened after sunday or so, and its still not fixed yet. In games i would get several seconds where my champion totally loses control. It's been totally fine before last monday, i've been playing LoL for months without any problems, and now I cant play this game at all. I saw a few other people having the same problem since the downtime on sunday. The issue is not graphic related.

does anyone know if theres any fix to this? if not im seriously considering moving onto another game

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Your logs actually look pretty clean, none of the little blips I would expect to see related to lag or FPS issues. If you were playing on Sunday or Monday, there were other server issues that would have been causing problems.

Try turning on your in-game FPS meter and then check to see whether you're having FPS drops that cause the freeze, or see if it's network lag related.

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I havn'y had a chance to play since the recent patch only once and I was having all the freezing issues I was before, I hope that was due to server issues on that specific day. I have done litterally everything recommended to try and fix these problems all to no avail, I really enjoy this game I bought the collectors ed, played all through the closed beta and now the game is completely unplayable to me because of lag/freezing, latency spikes, fps drops. Like I said I have done everything I can on my end my computer is fine and more than equipped for this game my internet connection is faster than average and completely stable, fix your **** I miss this game but I am pretty much giving up on it because of this.

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As a note, there's some rare server issues going on atm. If everyone in your game is complaining about the lag, chances are its not your computer ;o.