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Lag Issues

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Junior Member


I have been playing this game since November with few problems and they did go away. With this most recent patch and the recent server fixes, the game is now lags. On Sunday and Monday, first two games i played both took 4 minutes to load for whatever reason. This has never happened before. Afterwards load times were normal and no lag. On Monday, my second game was near unplayable with 1-1.5 second delay on inputs. I was hoping all of this to be fixed by the new patch. Load times were fixed, however now when I load I see 999 ping and get a 1-1.5 second lag between inputs. This is clearly on the server side as I experience no lag outside of the game, however I will attach my dxdiag and log file of my third solo practice game.

edit: fixed after you guys had that small patch

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Senior Wrenchman


That is some mighty ping. If you could also post a netalyzr that would help as well.