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Who is the scariest jungler?

Fiddlesticks 14 6.42%
Shen 1 0.46%
Cho' Gath 0 0%
Poppy 0 0%
Shaco 38 17.43%
Nocturne 54 24.77%
Warwick 15 6.88%
Irelia 1 0.46%
Tryndamere 0 0%
Jaravan IV 2 0.92%
Akali 0 0%
Evelynn 6 2.75%
Amumu 5 2.29%
Rammus 21 9.63%
Olaf 11 5.05%
Master Yi 0 0%
Nunu 12 5.5%
Nasus 0 0%
Renekton 0 0%
Trundle 5 2.29%
Udyr 22 10.09%
Xin Zhao 3 1.38%
Other 8 3.67%
Voters 218 .

[Poll] so..now who's the scariest jungler?

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Senior Member


i actually think its eve...

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Senior Member


Shaco. Sonofa***** jungler. Played right makes it hella hard for your jungler to keep up, and ganks like a mofo.

Close seconds are irelia and xin. Both can get pretty strong, and their movespeed, longrange dash, and CC make them the devil to get away from.

Other nasty ones are eve for the stealth, rammus for the powerball/flash, and noct for the un-counterable ult.

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Senior Member


I'd say it's a tie between Shaco, Nocturne, and Udyr.

Shaco can pop up right behind you without warning and deal a **** load of damage; the others have to walk up to you, which gives you time to cc them and escape.

Nocturne is definately a good ganker before 6, but is not extremely special in my opinion. After 6, however, he can catch you easier with his ult. I honestly haven't faced a great Nocturne, especially this week (it's hilarious how bad some are during the free week). I like playing him though, and I like seeing enemies go "Oh ****!"

And udyr, well, when you see him coming after you with bear stance and ghost, you realize it won't be too easy to escape.

Luckily for me, they are my main junglers xD.

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Tasty Cookies



Shaco is perhaps the hardest to play, but by far the scariest in my honest opinion. The fearing wards, the combined stealth flash, the slowing attacks, and the bonus damage if you try to escape - he's got everything it takes to counter-jungle and lane alike.

Other junglers just aren't that frightening. I haven't seen Nocturne dominate since the week he came out. His ultimate doesn't make him that great - I see a lot of Nocturnes get chewed up alive for using it at the wrong time.

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Senior Member


Noct/Shaco/Ram are definitely concerns for when I'm laning, but jungling, I have to fear Nunu. Best counter jungler that I know of.

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Call Mee Maybee

Senior Member


Eve scares me the most by far. All of the others can be avoided early game by wards but you have to spend the extra cash for vision wards or suffer the stun of death! (this is from the position of a squishy mid champ)