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Real Value: "Generates 5 Gold" items

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KeVoN xD

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Ehh? If I start with one of the components, I usually have a Philo Stone about 5 minutes in. Laning phase takes 15-20 minutes. I usually get philo stone first.

Interesting that the "value" of G5 is so low, 150. Does this mean that G5 items pay for themselves in 5 minutes? o.O

EDIT: Oh, you derived that from avarice blade. Wouldn't it be better to derive it from ALL the gold generating items and then average it to get the final estimation?

laning phase in low/mdi elo takes 15-20 mins but in hight elo, in 10 mins ganks start and by 15 mins you can have a big team fight, and before too, so i dont think so

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The laning phase typically ends when one of these 2 things happens...

1. Someone gets their ult that allows them to be capable of ensuring a gank, as such they go and do so, in order to obtain gold for ganking.

This will do two things, either the gank will be sucessful and maybe a tower will get downed, or if the gank fails, and the person doing the ganking left their lane alone to go gank, they will get their own tower downed.

2. You down the opposing tower.

This allows you to push the creep wave out far enough to ensure your towers safety and opens up the losers of their tower the defense of the tower. This opens them up to ganks as they have are in a large area with no cover of towers. They either have to go to another lane and try to down a tower close to one of theirs, or stay in their lane and risk being ganked.

Ideally to lengthen the laning phase, you must be capable of pushing one side or the other into their tower, but do not destory it, this forces them to stay there, if all 3 lanes do this, no one can go gank because they will lose a tower in doing so.

Another tatic to lengthen the laning phase is look at the champions they are playing, if they have shaco, or twitch etc., A champion that is primarily dependent on getting champion kills to obtain their items, the more careful play you and make them waste their time trying to gank someone "IE shaco trying to get you to chase him into bushes or twitch trying to get behind you etc. The more the chances of winning goes into your favor. If you do this Shaco just sits there in his bush, he cant do anything. If you have a harrass just harrass him nonstop if he comes into the lane, if he goes in the bush just leave him there.