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@Riot Patches the Buffs and Nerfs

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Top Lane Smurf



I want to go on record and say I enjoy this game and I like what you guys have done from the start. However things are getting out of hand with the little tweaks you are doing to the game. The game is becoming less enjoyable to play. I understand that you are dumbing the game down so that new players can pick it up and play it this is a double edged sword. Taking away or making things useless that made the game great and balanced such as the masteries of health, items like spirit visage, and killing champions like Rammus and the other 'tanks' makes many players angry. The new players are looking more and more like your target audience but making the game easy for them will make The Vets still more powerful and the screams for nerfs to heros and items will only continue. you really need to sit down look at your game from Beta to now see how its fallen and wheres its progressed. I want to continue playing the game as things are looking with the wrong impression being left on you by bad players and the whole community I may leave. Players need to learn what I Keys to Victory: The Hero/Champion, The item build and the player

The Hero
Every hero has its own synergy. There is no 'op' hero just a player who has found way to exploit that hero's synergy to dominate his opposition and make the players rage remember a FED Vlad is a happy Vlad. Most of the time a hero is underestimated and a player overestimates his own abilities and goes for the kill when in doing so gets himself killed and just screams at the monitor and types obscenities at his teammates for not helping him when they knew the fight was not a winning ordeal.

The Item Build
Everyone builds their hero to how they think it should be built. There is the debate of HOW a hero should be built take Karthus for example. What players feel is the norm for Karthus is a deathcap, boots, and 4 Archangels staffs. This being the norm players mock those who make a stronger Karthus who can take damage as well as dish it out. In my opinion it is good to focus on the hero's strengths as well as give him the edge over everybody else. The Build should help the hero survive early game, be powerful mid and late game so he doesn't die in the big team fights and let him walk away with the multi-kills and aid in the ace I've also noticed from personal experience the build differs pending what the enemy team brings to the table even on dps do i build a Banshee Veil and mercury treads or armor pen and crowd control.

The Player
This game relies heavily on each member of the team be it a 5v5 or 3v3. The team that can coordinate its lanes, execute its ganks, and topple the nexus wins. It's up to the individual to do a little homework to know what your up against, how to counter it, what you bring to the fight, what your team brings to the fight and what your mini-map tells you is going on. The player that fends for himself without any regard to fellow teamates ends up with the most deaths and a few choice words from his teammates. Kills May be important but of 2 players on team A are 0/3/0 that means team B has 6 kills and at least 2 hero's are building item pretty quickly. This game is easy all a player needs to do be patient, don't get excited, and pick at them and get the kill.

I hope this was informative good luck have fun.