[Suggestion] Ingame Time

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Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to may be put in a feature where when someone types we can have the ingame time beside it. This would be really useful in competitive play. Instead of users having to type in the game time after dragon/baron/buff die they can just say the buff and get a more accurate time while not having to spend the time calculating when the next one will be up potentially in fight.

What I mean is let's say dragon dies at 10:15, a player on the team would say dragon 16:15. With a timer in chat, a player could just say drag, and then calculate the time later after a potential dragon fight.

Another thing that would be helpful is to find a way to synchronize ingame time after disconnects. Sometimes when I lose connection I connect back and start at 0:00, instead of the real ingame time the rest of the players have. This prevents me from being able to write down the timers accurately.