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Upcoming Gangplank Builds

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Changed to now deal physical damage.
Fixed a bug in which Parley was dealing extra damage.
Parley percentage damage increased to 110% from 80%
Parley bonus damage reduced at early levels to 20/55/90/120/150 from 30/60/90/120/150.
Parley no longer applies grog soaked blade.
Fixed a tooltip issue with grog soaked blade.

Well, that throws the ol' Haunting Guise and Sorc Boots out the window if I understand correctly. Sheen should still be viable after the patch however. So what kind of new builds will we be seeing after this patch? Return of the avarice blades?

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Senior Member


Is this on the test realm notes? Anyway, back to topic, it's just the haunting guise and boots to be changed, I'll probably do this.

Boots of choice
Last Whisper

Crit Chance runes of course.

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Inter somnia

Senior Member


Brutalizer and last whisper both give armor pen. So my guess is people will try to tie them into their builds.

Probably see alot more Mercs and Swiftness boots as well.

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I was thinking something like
Philo Stone
Boots of Mobility
Black Cleaver
Blood Thirster
Replace Philo with something, maybe banshee's veil

The fact that the damage coeff is now 1.10 means damage will be more important, and black cleaver will apply its effect on hit, which will make future parrrleys and normal attacks do more damage making it more useful then it used to be.

The important stats on this would be

84% crit damage (24 from runes, 10 from masteries, 50 from IE)
74% crit chance (12 base, 10 from runes, 2 from masteries, 50 from items)
and Parrrley crits of 1663 (assuming you have gotten them to 0 armor with your Black Cleaver)

OFC if they are a tank team last whisper would be needed.

I am also wondering which will be the most powerful rune set for the new pirate. Im guessing since the damage got nerfed early game it would be more reasonable to get either crit damage or armor pen runes over crit damage runes (since you can easily by a cloak of agility to make up for it by the time you get to level 5)