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[Guide Request]Amumu

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I got Amumu recently and every time i play as him i get killed. I need some help on what item he needs and what kind of tactics are their to help me.

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Still a bit of a noob myself, but as far as I know:

First of all, you're a tank/disabler. You're not going to be burning down enemies like a DPS carry or something, so don't worry if you die as long as you set up a kill or two for your team. Early game, you want to sit back and focus on not getting hit, since the only thing you can really do is Bandage Toss for a light hit or hope they wander in range of your Tantrum or something. Mid/late game, your main use is going to be your ultimate. Switch on Despair, Bandage Toss into the enemy group, Tantrum, and hit your ultimate and let your teammates cut them down (obviously, do this when your team is with you, do not solo charge five guys or anything and expect to take them down with Despair). Often, this gets you killed, but you can generally take two or three enemies with you if your DPS is awake.

For items, I tend to go with Sunfire Capes. Your W, E, and R all deal AoE, and your passive reduces enemy magic resistance, so Sunfire Capes add nicely to that. They also help with farming, plus, they give a nice chunk of health and armor. I generally get two or three of them, usually, if the game is going well enough.

For boots, you can get whatever. Mercury's treads are good against casters and other disablers, like Ryze and Annie. Ninja tabi are good against physical carries like Sivir and Yi.

Other items you probably want to look at include the Frozen Mallet (for slowing down enemies when your ult is on cooldown), Chalice of Harmony (because Despair blows through mana extremely fast), and maybe aura items like Aegis of the Legion and Stark's Fervor (because you're going to be in the middle of the fight anyway). There's also a lot of generic tanky stuff that works well on Amumu, like Banshee's Veil and Warmog's Armor.

Some players gear heavily towards cooldown reduction, since your ult is so nasty and it's on a long cooldown, but you can also lower the cooldown by grabbing the ancient golem buff whenever you get the chance (Amumu is fairly decent at jungling once he gets a few levels under his belt).

Anyway, that's my impression, but I'm no expert or anything.