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good team compositions

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I'm finally starting to realize how important team compositions are... the roles of each champion in a team fight. I mean I knew the theory but I'm starting to really get it. I played Ali today and really tanked, died first but our teamfights ended in our favor and my remaining allies pushed the closest tower.

Then I finished a game with a team I believe that was far too squishy. We were Nidalee(me), Pantheon, Soraka, Gangplank, and Ryze. It lacks a tank, and there's only one cc ability in the whole bunch.

So I'm wondering, what are some generally good rules to stick with in determining team comps? I remember there was something like 1 tank + 1 support + 2 dps etc, but what are some things you look out for in solo que?

Me, I insist we have a tank, and that our teams lean toward more physical dmg than magical.