Body Slamming with Gargas - ideas?

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I've only been playing this guy a few times and I am a early game ownage kind of a guy. I noticed that Body Slam + Drunken Rage deals out lots of damage early game. I have had great success with this skill combo early game but then mid late game i'm kind of useless. I've been trying to figure out to fix this. Just as a rough idea for people to experiment I've been doing more or less:


Item Build:
1. Mana Crystal and 2 health pots
2. boots -> berserker or swiftness
3. Sheen ->eventually trinity
4. Soul Shroud
5. Nashor's

obviously i build small items first and get what i need as i go. Guise is good.

So I guess the problem early game is he's low HP so you have to be careful of when to slam but drunken rage helps a little and it adds to your slam damage. Getting a Catalyst before Sheen can help if you want to get RoA for end game. Sheen is obviously good after a Body Slam. Stacking CDR can help "spam the slam."

The problem I can forsee and experienced is really the low attack speed and physical damage. Early game the slam + drunk is great. Mid-Late game I'm concerned if this build is even viable. To amplify the slam you need increase physical damage. I was thinking getting an Atma's would help but I'm not sure if it's damage boost is added into slam.

Many people use Guise and I think that's a good choice too early game.

Final Thoughts:
Maybe you can build him slam early and get a RoA and slowly transition him to AP from early game ownage? Someone needs to exploit the +60 damage on Rage maybe with Last Whisper?

Sorry if my thoughts are everywhere. I just want some ideas on this.