Im new with Udyr can i get some help

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Ok Udyr seem to be a good player to me i like him alot cause the fact the early on in the game if he mids ha can stay healthy for a long time i can last with him but i cant seem to that many kills i only get like maybe like 10 a round when i first start off so here is my skill arrange meant

lvl 1 Turtle
lvl 2 Fire bird
and i keep going back and for with these till lvl 6
lvl 7 bear
lvl 8 turtle
lvl 9 fire bird
lvl 10 cat
lvl my turtle all the way first then the fire bird then the bear then then the cat

so tell me wat u think i wud also appreciate if some one could tell me some sugestions on runes and items

ty PS be nice plz

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My first tip to you is to learn the name of the skills (phoenix, turtle, bear, tiger), and perhaps proofread your work. I'm not trying to be mean, I promise, it's just easier to read.

Your skill build is good. It's a generally accepted rule that phoenix is the better stance for dealing damage, so that's a good call. What I do personally is this:

1. Turtle
2. Bear
3. Phoenix

I take bear sooner just in case a gank opportunity presents itself early (someone tower dives just a bit, that little stun + the tower can kill them). Then I push phoenix, while alteranating turtle and bear on the way up. Looks kinda like this:

4. Phoenix
5. Phoenix
6. Turtle
7. Phoenix
8. Bear
9. Phoenix
10. Turtle

Then turtle->bear up to 16, where you finish with Tiger.

That's my skill build.

I don't mess with runes too much, so I'll leave that to you. I'll toss you my personal item build, just because

1. Vamp Scept
2. Berserker Greaves
3. Phage -> Frozen Hammer
5. (Vamp Scept) -> Stark's Fervor or Malady
6. Phantom Dancer

Shouldn't go much farther than that, but if it does, Infinity Edge is a nice buy.

For a more complete analysis, check out my guide (shameless plug, lol):

Enjoy one of the most cooio champs in the game.