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Annie and Fiddlesticks

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I would recommend picking Annie. She is cheap, and one of the few casters who are viable in competitive play. While you would be fine picking any caster while you're still new, as you gain levels and increase your ELO, you'll gradually notice that other casters just aren't as effective right now, and you'll probably end up picking up either Annie, Anivia, or Twisted Fate anyway.

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Annie is defenately the easier champion to manage. Still to pull her deadly combo you will need practice (Disintegrate for Stun - Tibber - Burn). Like most mage she is very easely killed and will be fire focused when in range.

Fiddlestick on the other hand have more survivability with Drain - Fear - Silence. His ulitimate can be deadly in group fight but need more preparation (aka need group support to be good) Overall he is a more complex caracter that require more knowledge/awareness of the map and opponent to be effective.

Annie vs Fiddle

Burst damage
Strong Pet
Easier to play effectively (more strait foreward)

Silence - Fear
AOE damage
Jungle Ability (easier to get lizard buff)
Drain life

Otherwise just go read some guide or wait for them to be on the rotation to decide which one you prefer.