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Various questions

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I have a few questions and it's getting difficult to sort through all the random threads on here, and some of these things I simply cannot find. I don't get to play very much so I don't have the time to sit and play practice games to figure these things out.

Item stacking:
Which items have effects that stack with each other? Which items don't?
Originally, I just wanted to know if I get two warmogs, do I get twice the hp and regen bonus per kill?

Does tiamat's splash damage over all enemies attacked determine the lifesteal or just the initial hit on target?

Do continual spells like mundo's and karthas' trigger rylai's scepter's movement speed passive? Like if I was standing near Mundo and his burning agony was dealing damage to me, would my mv speed be reduced by 15%?

Does Sion's Enrage work with any passives or procs?

Ability power:

Which champions get what return from +ability power? It seems like a lot of champs that have AP builds get reduced returns, I assume to make sure they aren't overpowered.

Oh, one more thing. I am currently using Tier 2 mana regen runes. I have 5per5 at lvl1, plus a bunch from the +.% per level runes. Mostly I've been using Sion, Sivir, and Shaco since I set up my runes like this. After one, maybe two mana potions at the beginning of a game, I spend no more money on mana regen, as by the time I use up my potion(s), I am levelled to where my mana regens fine on its own, with a few big battle exceptions.

My question is, is this an effective way to use runes? I save money I used to spend on meki's or whatever and get to spend it on whatever deals damage or gives hp or whatever. Would it be better to just spend the gold on mana regen item in game and use my runes for something else? The idea of doing the math on that kinda makes my head hurt (this asian is average).

One thing I was thinking is playing Sion and using +hp, MR, and +hp regen runes, and spending gold in game to buy mana regen. It would require a complete overhaul of my runes though.

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If it says its a unique passive on the item description it doesnt stack.
Bloodthirsters+warmogs stack though.

And dont get anything but tier 3 runes. Otherwise its a waste of IP.