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Death Recap Revamp

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IvyLoL Bobvader



I personally love the concept of the death recap, and while I check it after almost every death, I feel like a lot of people underestimate it. I feel its primarily underused due to the lack of information that it really provides.

While the death recap does tell you three abilities that were used and the damage total, it doesn't tell you when that damage was applied. Thats why rather than it consisting mainly of champion information it should have a timeline that shows when the damage was applied and what ability was used.

The bottom half that used to contain information about the other champion I feel should be replaced with a full damage breakdown. First I think it should tell you the total magic damage and the total physical damage. I really feel like this would help new players and even older players see where they are lacking damage prevention. I can only imagine how helpful it would be for a new tank to see that he is taking a lot more magic damage than physical damage so he knows what type of items to buy. While the attached image does not depict it, I also feel it should list all the healing and regen that you did during the displayed damage segment

The rest would contain a champion by champion total damage breakdown, allowing you to really compare the damage output from each opposing champion.

I feel like these changes would allow each death to act as a lesson, for new and old players. Attached is a mock up I did in paint to help you visualize my idea.

I look forward to reading your comments, and hopefully a death recap revamp is in the near future.