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Pantheon, the Spartan [Attack Speed Guide]

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Well first off i think pantheon is one of the best classes if you know how to play him its almost impossible to get less than 20 kills with this guide end-game. anyway here it is

Just go 21 Offence and 9 defence it really doesnt matter what you get just dont get ability power it is really bad for pantheon.


Get all [Physical Damage per level] because at the end of the game you get extra 50+ atk damage at lvl 18

Summoner Spells
Get Heal, and Clarify because you go oom really fast and you will need clarify to stay in your lane longer and heal helps when your being harassed

1. Spear
2. Aegis
3. Spear
4. Heartseeker
5. Spear
6. Skyfall
7. Spear
8. Aegis
9. Spear
10. Aegis
11. Skyfall
12. Aegis
13. Aegis
14. Heartseeker
15. Heartseeker
16. Skyfall
17. Heartseeker
18. Heartseeker


This is where the guide actually matters. Here is the order you get gear.

1.Vampire Scepter
2. B.F. Sword
3. Berserker's Greaves
4. Malady
5. Wit's End
6. Last Whisper
7. Infinity Edge
8. Stark's Fervor

You will hardly ever get to Stark's Fervor because the game will be over before that about 85% of the time. But if you have a really long game remember to get that.

The reasoning for the items is that you can destroy enemys super fast because you get a early bf sword and you start hitting fast.

Reasoning for Items

Vampire Scepter - You get lifesteal early in the game and it allows you to stay longer.

B.F. Sword - This is the main item of this build because you can get it at level 6 and hit people with your Spear Strike for about 200!! and really harass people hard

Berserker's Greaves - For running fast and its a extra boost of attack speed.

Malady - Turn your Vampire Scepter into Malady for extra Attack speed and lifesteal

Wit's End - Make mana using heroes crumble to your super speed mana burn and rapid fast attacking.

Last Whisper
- More Attack speed and Armor pen is amazing for tanks and other melee.

Infinity Edge - This is pretty much the icing on the cake at this point all that attack speed you've been stacking comes into use because you start critting for about 500 and hit about 3 times a second.

Stark's Fervor - For the extra lifesteal and it wont hurt to have some more attack speed.

Leveling Guide

1-7 First grab a Vampire Scepter. During levels 1-7 you just mainly want to stay in your lane at all cost! and get about 2.5k gold if you cant. How you can pull this off is easy. Use your spear strike to harass your enemy's. Stay back and attack the minions. After you get level 7 Recall to your base and pick up a BF Sword and if you have enough money grab a pair of boots.

7-11 Its good to get back to your lane and just keep harassing your lane with just spear strikes and if anyone comes close enough Aegis them, Heartseeker them, than Spear strike. When your level 11 just go back to your base and pick up a Malady.

11-18 When you hit level 11 go and just gank people. The best thing to do is the 1, 2, 3 combo, Aegis, Heartseeker, Spear Strike people And then just spear strike them when they run away until they die.

Secrets!(That are not really secrets)

*You can usually get one hit off on a person standing next to a turret if there almost dead with your spear strike if you have your Block ability up.

*Use your Ultimate on people that are next to turrets. Because they don't usually run when the circle pops up.

*If you the enemys lane doesnt have anymore turret and all it has left is the enhibitor you can use your ultimate to port right on top of it and kill it before the enemys realize its going down.

That concludes the guide for Pantheon. I've been playing him since he came out and this is the most effective strat that i've found for him so far. I've played alot of Attack damage pantheon's and they don't even compare against a attack speed one.

Sorry for any World of Warcraft lingo that i used. I use to play World of warcraft and this game has alot of similaritys to wow item wise soo.... yeah.

Thx for reading. Please comment if this helped me and please flame if you have a better guide.

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first item long sword, health pot

then build... black cleaver, berserker's boots, vamp scepter, last whisper, bloodthirster or IE

level up spear only when you have to

most things die if you w and then e them... haven't seen many pantheons level up spear ability

I would maybe throw a nashor's tooth or a triforce or phage in there but...

I believe the max attack speed is 2.5a/s

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using leaguecraft this build (with starks as well) puts you at 2.37 attacks per second, so it is not over the 2.5 cap.

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Clarity/heal??? rofl. There is no excuse for not getting flash/exhaust with pantheon. You can use them with your ult.

And Heartseeker > spear.