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Lets talk about Irelia...

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So I just got back into Irelia and I'm curious about builds and how people feel about her. I've been playing her as a standard burst physical dps champ, as follows:

Dorans Shield
Mana Crystal > Sheen
Mana Crystal > Tear > Manamune
Sheen > Triforce
As needed survivability

Stander ARpen marks, MR/lvl yellow, CDR blues, flat heatlh HP. Focus on bladesurge farming early, and then into serious damage and gank output mid to late once the sheen and manamune are up and running.

Basically, I feel like Irelia can be played a variety of ways and is very flexible to fit the enemy composition, but i'm having a hard time being flexible. For example, if I get matched up against a particularly tanky team, swapping to a focus on Hiten Style and attack speed build may be better. But what do I go for?

Also, Ap builds confuse me on her. It seems like she become a one button champ with her stun when played AP, which doesn't seem worth it. Is it a viable build? When would it be used? How do you build her as a successful AP champ?

Please discuss, i'm looking for some decent input and debate on builds and play styles for her.

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AP is for Equilibrium Strike and Transcendent Blades.
Her nuke/stun and ult.

Irelia is very flexible as a champ and can be played a multitude of different ways.

If you're against a tanky team?
Get a Madred's Bloodrazor.
Get some survivability yourself.
Get some life steal too (if the enemy has low damage output).

AP Irelia is nowhere near as effective as AD Irelia though.
I guess it could maybe be justified if you had Irelia locked in and your team locks in with some more AD carries.

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See now i build and play her COMPLETELY diffrently

I start with
Boots + 3 health potions (to be able to get Bladesurge 1st then Equilibrium Strike)

Health Crystal>Phage (Unless im doing well, then i go with Giants Belt)
>Boots of Swiftness (For chaseing)
>Frozen Mallet

Once i have those two items, that cures the survivability problem and makes you a light hp tank early game

Zeal>Phantom Dance (Extra speed and Perfect with Frozen Mallet to stop people in there tracks)

Pickaxe>LastWisper (for extra armr pen)
and if you can get to it,
B.F Sword>Infinity's Edge

Now i do agree with you that Bladesurge is what you want to start with at level 1, but its not the first skill you want to upgrade. Try getting Equilibrium Strike and maxing it out first, it puts out more dmg than Bladesurge and can be used to stun. While trying to get that maxed work on Hiten Style so you can stay in your lane as long as possible.

Yet, if you have a jungler take the solo lane and Start with Hiten style and max that out first followed by Equilibirum Strike with one point in Bladesurge. It will save you time and time again just waking away and healing up.

Your Runes are perfect, the mana regen is needed with a low mana pool like that and no mana items.

Dont worry about AP so much, its nice but AD is a much better build. One thing i have yet to really try though is getting Half and Half, with items such as Rageblade,Malady, and others but this kills ur ulti becuse it only takes the stronger of the two

but good luck with ur irelia, ive been playing her since she came out and im in love. Its the only char i will always do well in a 5s game with.

BTW just as a side note, this is a 5's build
when building a 3's build, go strait AD with no Phantom Dancer or any other speed items

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AD/AS is far better for Irelia than AP. AD/AS makes use of your W, Q, and R, while AP only make use of E and R. Though to be fair, AP is fun in that your E becomes a godlike nuke at later levels, however you'll melee like a wet noodle.

My build goes as follows:
2 health pots +sapphire crystal. This keeps you in lane the longest, and deal with mana problems abusing Q to last hit
Rush Sheen
Boots 1
Boots of swiftness
Negatron cloak or Chain vest depending on enemy comp
Bloodthirster, madred's, hextech, or black cleaver depending on enemy comp
If survival is an issue I'll either get a Banshee's veil or Guardian Angel, otherwise I'll finish off with a phantom dancer

Tri-Force is essential! Imho Boots of swiftness are as well. You need to get in, kill, and get out in a team fight. It also helps your chasing ability immensely.

I level Q first, then W do give me a little more staying power in the lane, then focus on E until I get rank 4. Then I rotate between Q,W,E as I level. I get R whenever I can of course.