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My team building strategies

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Hello people of LoL i'm here with some basic teams of 5. Now this guide will not be going into the huge details just if you are starting off some easy teams for you to pick up on. Now this is not perfect but this can give you the bases of forming your own 5 man team. (These are my personal opinions about the hero's and id like feedback to what i could change)

The Basics of any team.
2.A.Example- Soraka
2.B.Example-Twisted Fate

Now the basic's on what these things do and a short example of the heros.

1.Carry Hero's Okay what is a Carry Hero? A Carry Hero is a hero that can solo a lane by them selfs and good at early game killing. Now don't get confused with a gank for a carry Normally a carry would be a long range hero with good harassment abilities.Now the most common one i see around is Ashe. She is an easy character to play as and one thati would recomend if you are new to the game. Now what skills should a carry have. I will give you two examples.

Now i know that Ashe is an easy character and there are better Carry heros out there. But this is just an easy example on what a Carry hero needs. Something to slow the enemy hero down so you can get in as much damage as possible. It's all about who can get who to run away frist. With this in mind the Caryy has to have a good survival rate. Like Ashe almost all of her abilities either slow down or stun. Allowing her to get away safely.

Heimerdinger is much different then Ashe but a great example of a carry. Heimerdinger can carry extremely easily with his turrets. Even if they don't have much HP and are easy to kill early game. Heimerdinger has two abilities that are amazing at protecting them. Concussion Grenade, why? Because it has the ability to make all the enemy champions attacks miss keeping you and your turrets safe. The second skill is Hextech Micro-rockets. Why this? If you go with an AP Heimerdinger you can inflict somewhere around 300 damage while they are being beat up by your turrets. This will force them to run unless they are a tank.

Those are two different types of carry heros both are good and easy to be good with. Now for the team i'm going to give to you to test out does not give you either of these hero's but they are great choices.

2.Support Heros
What is a support hero? Well they have many roles, anything from healing, stunning, slowing, Damage over time. Now what heros are support? Well the easy ones to point out are Soraka, Twisted fate, Zilean, Janna, and many others. Now what are the supports job? To make ganking easier and to save your @ss from other enemy heros. Now how you play the support is up to you but your job is to either make sure the gank is successful or on a rescue mission for the other heros on your team. Your K/D may suck but that isn't what people look at they look at wins and thats what is important. Here are two examples of Support heros.

Now she has no real fighting abilities but her Infuse is possibly one of the most Over powered abilities, not only can it silence the enemy hero but he recovers her MP over time and can cast it on your ally heros to heal their MP. The best thing about this ability is that it cost's Zero MP. Soraka is an overall great support with her Bless ability, that can heal early game, Infuse for MP, and Wish. Wish will be your best friend late game, if you see your ally running away with little HP and you don't think he is going to make it cast wish as fast as you can. It heals all ally champions 500 hp with only a 2 minute cooldown. Overall Soraka is one of the best supports out there.

2.BTwisted fate
Why Twisted fate? He's a ganker, he can be with an AP build but he can also be a support character. The reason being is because of all of his abilities. We will start with Wild card, It is a great Harassment ability and if you feel like your team mate will not reach the enemy when he is only around -200 HP wild cards range is extremely huge and odds are you can hit them with it and get the final kill. Allowing your teams K/D to go up. Now one of his most useful abilities is Pick a card. Pick a card can do multiple and useful things. Blue card increases the damage of the other cards. Red card slows them down and does damage overtime. Gold card stuns an area. Put those three together and you now have a stunner, or slow. The reason why this is so helpful is if your good enough to get the gold card every time your teams gank will be a huge success. Keep stunning them and allow your team to inflict as much damage as they can. Now Gate Twisted fates teleporting ability and a vary useful one at that. Lets say your ally is running away from the enemy what do you do? Try to slow them or stun them. The cooldown is not to bad on it and it's an easy way to get around the map quickly. Last ability is Destiny the reason why this is so helpful is because of it's ability to show all enemy hero's no matter where they are and it slows them down, you can use this when someone calls MIA or if your trying to run for your life.

3.Ganking Heros.
Okay now onto the Gankers, no class is more important then the other classes. Now in LoL almost every hero can be a ganker so the list is so big i don't want to go into it. Now the examples i'm going to give are the most common ones. Such as Warwick and Twitch two of the most well known gankers in LoL. A Gankers job is to find an enemy hero with somewhere around half HP swoop in and kill the enemy hero as fast as they can then leave to get another kill. Now to make the gank's easier tell your team mates and say who your going to kill. Odds are they will help you. So talk to your team mates don't be a loner.

Warwick is an extremely easy person to gank with because his abilities revolve around his ultimate. Now Warwicks passive is really nice considering it's all about Life steal. Eternal Thirst with every hit you gain more and more HP so this is a really good passive for a ganker to have. Hungering Strike can and odds are will be your best friend if you are not sure if you can reach the hero before he either gets close to a tower or his team mates come in Hungering Strike has a slightly bigger range then his regular attack and however much it does it will heal Warwick so if you feel a little low on HP that is the move to use. Hunters Call This ability is one of Warwicks helpful abilites not only because it increases his attack speed but all your ally's as well so right after you have done your ultimate you will want to use either this or Hungering Strike to finish the hero off. Blood Scent This ability is useful in ways most people don't notice. If your in the woods and one of the Enemy heros has under 50% HP Warwick will speed up dramatically so you will know a Enemy hero is close by. Now onto his bread and butter ability. Infinite Duress Not only does this stun the enemy but you also get a free six hits on him plus around 50 damage this ability stacked with Attack power will be your enemies worst nightmare. To make it better it's a ranged ability so take advantage of that.

Twitch is one of the easiest characters to gank with but he is also one of the most squishy heros out there. The reason why is because of his abilities. Deadly Venom His passive ability that stacks poison up to six times. It's not the poison that is deadly but his Expunge ability that will hit the enemy for around 500 damage with the poison stacked six times. I'm not going to go into much detail's with Twitch like i have other characters. Now how can Twitch gank if he is so squishy? Ambush this is the only reason twitch can gank, allowing him to become invisible you can move anywhere you wish and the enemy will have no idea where you are. Debilitating Poison Now this ability is like Expunge but instead of dealing damage it will slow them down by 20% then and extra 10% by how much you had stacked Deadly Venom so if you feel like your team mates can kill him without Expunge use Debilitating Poison instead. Spray and Pray His ultimate and the name says it all. His attack speed increases and so does his range but now he can only fire straight but if the enemy is dumb enough to stand still you can do Expunge and Debilitating Poison in about 10 seconds.

4.Tank Hero's
Now for this i will not be giving you character descriptions like i have for the past few but i will tell you some Items that would be a must along with some Hero's that you may like to hear. The reason why i will not be giving examples is because i personally don't think i need to. Now a few items that are a must are Items like Banshees Vail, Warmog's Armor, Sunfire Cape (For damage) and a Frozen Mallet. Now as a tank you just take all the damage. With the right build you can have over 5000 HP and it would take the enemy some time to kill you. Why does a team need a tank? For ganking, bait is what you would be used for. The enemy hero use's their abilities on you and then are helpless when your gankers come in for the kill. Now some heros are. Blitzcrank, Allistar, Br.Mundo, Nunu, Amumu, and many more. But these are some of the ones that stand out in the crowd. So remember HP and HP recovery are the only things you need to worry about.

5.Nuke/Farming Hero's
Now Nuke hero's Job's are to just kill creeps that go up and down they are also known as Farming Heros. Such as Malphite, Teemo and other Heros. Now the reason why these guys are so important in LoL is because when you have a team battle going on you can push a lane by yourself and get money from the Creeps so your team is not worring about their towers being destroyed and can focus on the fight. Now most teams don't have a Nuke Hero but it is a really good choice to have one on your team. Now how you farm is up to you, i'm not one for telling people builds but an item i find useful is the Sunfire cape. But be sure to have a Nuke hero that has a lot of AoE abilities or they really are not a farming Hero.

The Verdict.
Now that i have told you the classes of the Hero's now i will tell you the Five man team me and my friends have made.
1.Our Carry- Zilean/Teemo
2.Our Support-Nunu/Zilean/Rammus
3.Our Ganker-Master Yi/Teemo
4.Our Tank-Rammus/Nunu
5.Our Nuke-Teemo/Zilean

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Change your first section from "carry" to "laner" or "farmer" and you are good.

Carry means someone who can carry the team late game by having abilities that scale really well with items. It just happens that most carries are good farmers because they need the money, but just because you are a good farmer doesn't mean you are a carry. Ashe is a carry, heimerdinger is not.