Shen's ult

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My roommate plays Shen and sometimes I'm out by my lonesome in a bad position and someone (or a few someones) on the other team find me. Sometimes even with him ulting me things might still go bad, but plenty of times I could be saved and possibly net a kill or two if he got that ult off. Too often it seemed I would die screaming shrilly for his help and then stare at him maliciously as he told me that he couldn't click on me in time.

Now I'm sure most of you are thinking, "Hey Slavyzz roommate stop being so n00b and click on your friends character portrait on the left hand side of your screen." I have told him this countless times. But now I heave learned of an even easier way for him to ult me.

If you were unaware the F keys (that is to say F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5) at the top of your keyboard will actually center your screen to one of your teammates if you press them in game. F1 sends you to yourself and the others correspond with the earlier mentioned character portraits in descending order.

Now if you were to click your ult then the corresponding F key you will actually ult that person.

So Shen players even if your mouse spontaneously combusted during a game if your ult isn't on CD I expect one promptly when I have foolishly put myself in harms way. Two buttons. No excuses.

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sometimes, if you're too squishy or you got jumped 4v1, I'm not going to ult you anyways. You...
A. Probably deserved to die for getting jumped 4v1
B. Probably are going to die despite the ult.
C. Probably are going to get me killed as well if I do ult in.

a 3v1 I'll do if you've got some survivability.

2v1s I'll usually do as well.

Another thing to consider is lag-time. I realize this is your roommate, but as someone who usually uses Ventrillo for communication, there's about a 0.5 to 1 second delay on Vent chatter.

However, thanks for the tip on quick-targeting the correct champ for ults.