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Why is it so hard for riot to fix this?

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I'm sure everyone is sick of losing a ranked match because someone on your team as connection issues. Why isn't there something to fix these sort of situations? I can think of heaps of thinks that would make the game a little more fair when it comes down to that issue..

1. Why can't we have a rematch vote? If someone disconnects more then three times in a match then we should be able to have a rematch vote system come into play where we go back into the queues and the dcer gets kicked completely from the game. It's very unfair to have our ranked stats fall because of other peoples failure to think it common sense not to join a game when they have **** internet.

2. Isn't there some sort of ping checker that LoL can do when we are in the pick hero stage that kicks people who have pings that spike within 100 of their stable ping. Not that hard to add in something like this.

3. If a dcer is absent for most of the game, then LoL should recognize this and it shouldn't count towards our ranked win/loss and ratings.

I just don't understand why riot spends so much time creating new heros when most of the demand is towards making the game more balanced. The seem to have their priorities really messed up imo.